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BED PARTY flips the porno script with a “Porno Vérité” documentary style look behind the private doors of porn’s public performers. Well-known within the kink community, Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys have found love and beautifully sordid sex in their queer and pansexual relationship. Director Shine Louise Houston and co-director Shae Voyeur break down the fourth wall with direct on-camera performer interactions. The result is an all-access and unfiltered glimpse into the personal sex life of this couple. When’s the last time you saw a loving exchange of anal fisting and multiple orgasms? Puppy play, foot jobs, squirting, cum-swapping and loads of dirty talk are woven together with an honest yet playful tenderness. It’s in the comfort of their own home where they expose a deep intimacy and appreciation for each other.


“As a long time fan of Shine Louise Houston, and a long time fan of heterosexual sex, I’m thrilled to see these two great things come together in one amazing partnership.”
-Lux Alptraum, Editor-At-Large,

“BED PARTY mixes quirky, playful couples fun with seriously dirty sex; this is not your standard 3.5 positions ‘couples porn’ and I really like that. There’s just enough genital shots to get an idea but it’s not boring. I also like the close camera and the focus on their faces. I think it may well be the first ‘straight’ couples film I’ve seen that starts with male anal fisting and gapes. :) In fact, it could be the first porn film I’ve EVER seen that starts with male anal fisting. And pretty much right after the slow motion bed-jumping. I really didn’t see that coming, as it were.”
-Ms Naughty, Director and

“BED PARTY shows you how great lovers who see stars together have great sex. I loved this movie! It shows how playfulness, vulnerability, chemistry, and compatibility combine to make a combustible and hot viewing experience. Vibrator play, role playing, dirty talk, anal fisting, G-spot ejaculation, fetish, and the pure joy of making your lover happy exudes and melts off the screen in this new endeavor from Shine Louise Houston and Pink & White Productions. Part documentary and part Porno Vérité — I absolutely loved the film work, editing, sound design, pace, intimacy and heat generated from the real life lovers. They had sex the way I like to have sex and see sex portrayed: unabashedly and with open-hearted pure and nasty intent.”
-Jackie Strano, Executive Vice President Good Vibrations

Categories: Anal, BDSM, Cisgender, documentary, Fisting, Oral, Partner, Squirting, Toys, vibrators

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