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“Got a light? You’ve written your screenplay, but how are you going to make it look good?”

Shine Louise Houston shares her an introduction to lighting, including how to light a production with cheap and free items.

Pink and White Productions created the emerging pornographers series Point of Contact, to empower producers with the tools, budget, and support needed to explore the wide world of producing adult content. But there are only have so many cameras to pass around, and so many hours in the day to help others reach their dreams of putting their unique erotic visions out to the world in a way that’s healthy and sustainable. That’s when CRASHCOURSE was born.

CRASHCOURSE is an educational program designed to inspire and empower new erotic works from emerging (or cross-over) adult producers. In a series of short informational videos, Pink & White’s director Shine Louise Houston covers a myriad of topics including technical information, filmmaking skills, marketing strategies and performer advice.

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting

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