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If you are hungry for fresh, juicy and sexy food for thought then “Sexual Sushi” is for you. Winner of the 11th erotic award Petra Joy, aka the “Strawberry Seductress” has created a sexy, stylish and sophisticated erotic masterpiece.

Art-core rather than hard-core is the Petra’s motto. The film features real life lovers that pleasure each other with passion and tenderness.. “Sexual Sushi” focuses on sensual images edited to sexy music and can be enjoyed without having to fast forward through the awkward bits of amateur dialogues. The erotic Vignettes appeal to men and women whose biggest sex organ is between their ears and not their legs.

Petra would like to inspire you to discover bliss that lies beyond the standard five porn positions and the ‘money shot’. Published in 2005 this film has gained cult status as one of the first “female focused” porn films.


Categories: Cisgender, Oral, Partner


Movie Title: Sexual Sushi
Production date:
Studio: Perta Joy
Custodian Of Records Information:
Tony Cook
60 Rowlands Road
BN11 3JU

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