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Best Trans Sex Scene
2007 Feminist Porn Awards
Special Presentation
2014 Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Selected Film
2008 Cinekink
Special Presentation
2014 Berlin PornFilmFest
Official Selection
2015 Asterisco Festival, Argentina

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The Wild Search is a tour-de-force of queer women and genderqueer sex, the ultimate pomo-homo-porno. Hilariously staged as a documentary within a documentary, the film is director Shine Louise Houston’s answer to the age-old question: What do lesbian’s do in bed?

The basic premise is clever and used to very funny effect. A documentary film crew follows around another documentary film crew as they attempt to film the mating habits of San Francisco lesbians. So The Wild Search is a (fake) documentary about a (fake) documentary about real (and perceived) lesbians… Follow all that? Imagine one of those National Geographic programs, with cameras watching lions from the distance, only instead of lions, they´re watching lesbians. The fundamental joke is that the people having sex don´t notice the camera crew in their apartment or in the bar, and there´s a really funny bit of business with a “decoy lesbian,” a mannequin dressed up and sent out to attract the natives. The sex scenes are often really intense, especially a long three-way with two lovers wearing strap-ons. The most important thing: this is real fucking, messy, gasping, sweaty, improvisational, impetuous, spirited, and beautiful. It´s a very funny mockumentary, but there´s nothing mock about the sex. Don´t miss it.

Winner of Best Trans Sex Scene at the 2007 Feminist Porn Awards!

“This does what Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble attempts to do in 200+ pages, and does it in under 2 minutes using nothing but bodies, dildos, and some skilled camera work.”
– Sarah Stevens, Peep’s Scoop

Categories: Anal, Boi, Cisgender, Femme, Fisting, FTM, Full-Length Feature, Genderqueer, Oral, Partner, Squirting, Strap-on, Threeway, Toys, Transgender

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