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BREAKING PORN NEWS: Dusk TV’s PORNA Award Winner is Petra Joy!

Petra Joy wins 2013 Porna Awards by Dusk TV

Dusk TV, a Dutch adult cable station (pretty awesome!) held its first “Porna Awards” over the weekend. The channel chose female-directed films to screen and asked a panel of women to vote, along with submitting comments about what they thought was sexy.

The nominations were:

Your Orgasm Inside Me (Dane Jones), Cabaret Desire (Erika Lust), The Kiss (Kendo), Aphrodite Superstar (Candida Royalle), A Taste Of Joy (Petra Joy), Don Juan’s Therapist (Nica Noelle), and Skin. Like. Sun. (Jennifer Lyon Bell)

Here’s a montage of the nominated films. Of the group, you can watch Skin. Like. Sun. here on PinkLabel and a percentage of the sale will help director Jennifer Lyon Bell create more films.

And the winner was… Petra Joy!

Congrats Petra! We’re proud to feature a few of Petra’s work on PinkLabel (and Pink & White Productions is also included in Petra’s own series, “Porn For Her.”) Here’s a video of Petra accepting her award, where she acknowledges feminist porn pioneer, Candida Royalle.

Browse Petra’s studio on!

September 9, 2013


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