Q: Is this “streaming”? If so do I need to pause before starting it up, or should it work pretty much immediately?
A: Yes. Videos begin preloading the second you open the page – you may click “Play” at any time.

Q: Because this is not a download, it doesn’t “live” on my computer, right?
A: Correct, the file is available through your library in your member area.

Q: Can I skip around to watch my favorite parts again? :-)
A: Skip forward or backwards as many times as you like! You can watch your video as many times as you want within the rental period.

Q: Can I come back as many times as I want to during the rental period? What happens if I want to keep watching it when the time is up (do I simply purchase again)?
A: Watch your video as much as you want during your rental period. When your time has expired, you may rent the video again.

Q: This is a one-time purchase, right? I won’t be re-billed?
A: The fee is one-time only. No recurring bills will be sent.

Q: Does it work on both Macs and PCs fine? Are there any tech requirements (operating system, connection speed, etc.)?
A: Our system works on Mac, PC, and also Mobile Devices. The ideal set up is a broadband connection, either via wi-fi or a direct connection.

Q: What payment types does the system accept?
A: Payment via major credit cards are accepted. (We cannot use Paypal because they do not allow adult content.)

Q: What name will appear on my credit card statement?
A: You will receive a bill from Pink & White Productions.

Q: If I have a problem, what email address can I contact? How long will it take me to reach someone?
A: For technical problems, please see our contact page. You should receive a reply within 2 business days.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my username or password?
A: If you forget your login information, please click this link to have it resent to your email account.

Q: Can I buy a film to “give” as a gift to a friend?
A: Unfortunately we cannot honor gift accounts, because we cannot guarantee that the gift minutes will be given to someone over 18 years of age or of legal viewing age for their location.

Q: I’m a filmmaker and would like to have a studio here; who can I contact for details?
A: Please see our contact form and select “Filmmaker”. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!