Petra Joy

From a Female Perspective

I am a sex-positive artist. As an independent erotic film-maker I finance, produce and direct my erotic films. In close co-operation with my team of performers and crew I visualize female fantasies. My films are based on erotic fantasies that customers of my erotic photo shoots, girlfriends and interested women from all over the world have shared with me. And of course, some of the fantasies I show in my films are my own.

The focus of my erotic films is female pleasure. I would like to empower the women who appear and the women who view my films to experience their own personal pleasures away from the stereotypes of female sexuality in mainstream porn. Most porn is still done by men for men and therefore express male desires. I feel the need to create an alternative to the flood of images that distort female sexuality and reduce women to their genitals.

I also like to show men as objects of female sexual desires as there is a lack of male pin-up culture that is aimed at women rather than gay men. I choose to embrace taboo subjects such as male bisexuality and the prostate as an erogenous zone for (heterosexual) men.

I call my films art-core, rather than hard-core. Even though I do feature erections, penetration and show “real sex”, I do not feel I have much in common with 90% of films in the genre of hard-core porn and am not part of the “porn industry”.

I choose to work with female performers that the female viewer can identify with. My films are a “silicone-free zone” and I like to show a variety of body types rather than just one “ideal” woman. The men appearing in my films are not cast by the size of their penis but by their ability to give their partners sexual pleasure