Sensate Films

Slow Porn.

Sensate Films is a producer of premuim-quality, process-based erotic media based in Australia and producing content for web, screen, and print.

The hallmarks of our productions include a reverence for the art of erotic filmmaking through the creation of imagery that is as cinematically and artistically moving as it is prurient; an interest in finding and representing sensuality in both the fantastical and the commonplace; a sex-positive approach that opens itself to the diverse expressions of bodies we encounte; and a performer-driven process of production. This results in a practice we call ‘slow porn’.

We shoot and edit in various styles, but no matter what devices we employ as filmmakers, we are foundationally documentarians. The beauty of what we capture is the organic unfolding of an erotic engagement. It’s impossible to script, and so we don’t try. Instead we focus on creating an environment in which that expression can thrive.

Melbourne-based Gala Vanting is an award-winning erotic film producer, sex worker, BDSM practitioner, educator, pleasure activist, and erotic imaginist. She draws from a diverse background in the sexuality and brings a conscious queer feminist approach to her work. Central to all of this is the core value of intimacy and the democratization of sexy.