T-Wood Pictures

Diverse Men with Diverse Bodies

We are a small San Francisco-based, safe sex, educational porn production company bringing together a diversity of trans and other queer men. Our first film, Cubbyholes: Trans Men In Action was nominated for Best Alternative Release by the 2008 GAYVN Awards and our second film, Couch Surfers: Trans Men in Action, was also nominated for Best Alternative Release by the 2009 GAYVN Awards. Our third film, Couch Surfers 2, was nominated for a 2009 Feminist Porn Award. Trannywood Gone Wild, was released in September 2010. Our most recent films are Rec Room and Brunch Bunch.

We believe men are hot. After all, we are men who have sex with men. Our models are in various points in their transition, and we support guys who don´t want or plan on being on hormones or don´t want any surgery, as well as those who do. Thus, our films have diverse men with diverse body types.