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FUCK DOLLS: Zahra Stardust and Emerald

Fuck Dolls is a new short porn by Zahra Stardust and Emerald.
From it’s description:

In her book, Barbie’s Queer Accessories, Erica Rand, examines the ways in which Barbie “can be subversively refunctioned for women’s pleasure.” She examines how “wholesome,” “family-oriented” Barbie is deliberately subverted by what consumers do with her in practice. Fuck Dolls brings Barbie to life. Playmates Emerald and Zahra, two life-sized dolls, awake from slumber amidst an entourage of topless and semi-clothed Barbies and Kens who turn out to be perverts, voyeurs and foot fetishists. These dolls – both plastic and flesh – are playful, not passive. They bend each other over, dive into latex, plunge head first into a strap-on, fuck each other’s face and pull each other’s hair. Barbies get wet, Ken gets pummeled, and a gallery of femmes receive a hot homo-erotic boy-on-boy display. Fuck Dolls imbues Barbie with alternative understandings, new readings and queer feminist counter-practices, and delivers some explosive orgasms on the journey.

Fuck Dolls received an honorable mention from the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards!

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April 17, 2015

FTM FUCKER: a film review

FTM Fucker Film Review

Reposted with permission from KoKo Hotbus (@misstrgendered) on Fancy Gendered.

I had the distinct pleasure of getting a review copy of the new FTMFucker film from James Darling.

Initially I thought it was coming in the mail, but then I got a link and was next met with a bit of trouble in getting the file downloaded. A reality of living way out in the sticks, far from urban centers and internet speeds that come with them. Once I got the streaming link sorted out I cozied in for a long nights’ porn watching. After watching it through and writing this review I wished that I could’ve watched it again, to doubletake my initial thoughts, but the bandwidth limitations of rural living left me with what I could get from one watching.

The most exciting feature of this film by far was for me that it was almost 2 hrs of a broad diversity of gender presentations, bodies and approaches to sexy times. Since watching it and talking about it with friends and dates, that’s probably been the thing that I have raved about the most.

I’m not someone who watches a lot of porn online, but as I have been venturing into the field I have been doing some market research. Typically I look for images and videos that involve bodies that look like me and the people that I like to fuck. I like to look for sex that involves the things that are important to the sex that I like to have. I really like porn where it looks like the performers are down to do whatever it is that they are doing. This is helped by demonstrated spoken consent, or audible negotiations of non-consent. There are ways that this can be done well, and much of the “feminist porn” I have found and enjoyed has really excelled at this. The scenes in this film did a varying degree of hitting the mark on this for me. If you are a consent-o-phile and like the porn you watch to be super clear with negotiations and such, you may want to read further into my scene by scene breakdown for evaluations of how well they rate.

As a radio producer, DJ, and amateur audiophile, I found the sound in this film to also have a varying degree of enjoyment and annoyance. I often will add a separate soundtrack to porn indulgences, but I wanted to take in this film as it was made. Some of the scenes in this film had music, some didn’t, others had a well suited soundtrack of ambient environmental sound. Particular sound scape things I took note of appear in my scene by scene breakdowns, not all scenes warranted notes in this category.

I would recommend this film, both to trans folks who want to see more positive representation of people who might look like them and to everyone else. I think that for folks who haven’t had the pleasure of sexual experiences like the ones featured herein, but you’ve thought about it, this film might give you something to explore in your private masturbatory time or in those times when you may want to bring film based fantasies into your relationships. Serious points to James Darling and all the performers for creating content where trans bodies are seen, featured, respected and shown as how hot they can be.

So all that said, here’s my thoughts on each specific and unique scene. I really want to write on each of them separately because they are all very different from each other.



This solo scene shows Dieselboi, a sexy straight post op trans man strip down and pump his cock, massage his balls, and jerk himself off. This scene is long for a solo (15 min), he comes a lot, and really seems to be enjoying himself. There was a strange technical buzzing noise behind the super cheesey music that reminded me of old school late night cable porn. The camera work is steady and has a good balance of shots that highlight the spectacular babeliness that is Deiselboi’s hot body and the looks on his face as he comes and comes. I hadn’t ever watched or interacted with post-op cocks like Deiselboi’s in action, and I really enjoyed seeing all he could do with it. If for nothing else this scene deserves some screen time from you to show you how hot a transman enjoying his body with all it’s surgically enhanced glory can really be.

Kipp Slinger + Robin LaLonde:

Kipp Slingers’ bravado and douchey-macho attitude at the start of this scene was pretty boner kill for me; he occupied a space that reminded me of TV’s dads of the 1950’s who come home and want a drink and a sandwich and a subservient wife. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who saw this way of being as problematic and due for review. Robin Lalonde addresses the problem by dosing him, tying him up and locking him in a cage. When he comes to she points out the ways that his treatment has been off the mark and gives him a chance to make up for misdoings. Their dialogue was mediocre but the sex that followed was pretty hot. I felt a bit like the power play stuff could’ve extended a bit further, with Robin’s character extending her vengence further and Kipp displaying a more believable “change” in the ways that he would treat Robin and other women.

Some of the details of the sex that really stood out to me, were the ways that Kipp’s FTM body and Robin’s MTF body interacted. I really enjoyed seeing Robin fuck Kipp with a strap-on, and thought that their bodies and genders were both presented in super genuine and respectful ways.


Jacques LeFemme + Puck Goodfellow:

Firstly, I want to start by saying that Jacques LeFemme is the porn performer who resembles (from what I have seen thus far) my own gender presentation, body type and woo-ey tendencies. This in itself was pretty exciting for me and I wanted to acknowledge that bias in my perspectives on this scene. I invited one of my dates to watch this scene with me, she was similarly excited about seeing a femme, tattooed, trans person reading tarot in a “warm dungeon” looking room. He is on screen solo for a bit, writhing around on the floor and the very slippery looking bed. Before long, Puck Goodfellow sneaks onto the scene, masked and carrying a wand/cane/impact device. As they interact with each other, their dynamic is visually demonstrated to be one that involves some power play, lots of fun and passionate care. I really like the way that this scene involved gloves built into Puck’s costume and included pauses to reach for lube and put on gloves. This type of real-time barrier and safer sex practice is really great to see and I think does a service to making safer sex something people think of as hot. I was super impressed by Puck Goodfellow’s muscular strength, seriously, check out what this guy can do with his legs. He holds Jacques up on his squatting thighs like it ain’t no thing while they fuck and fuck. These guys fuck really well together and for creative, woo-ey, ftm on ftm athletic fucking good times, this scene really delivered.

The Hitchhiker – with Owen Grey + Fritz Von Fuckup:

This was one of the scenes that really missed the mark for me on consent integration. The conversation in the lead-up could have easily given Fritz Von Fuckup’s character a bit more agency or control, but it didn’t. I totally get that for some people, the idea of a hitch hiking ride feeling you up and then taking you off the back road to bone in exchange for gas money is a legit fantasy. People stress and worry about such scenarios and making it hot is a way of easing that, but for me, as a person who has had sketchy hitch hiking situations, this scenario was too far of a stretch into trauma zone, without the clear consent negotiation I would need to engage with it from a secure feeling place. I skipped through parts of this scene because of the power imbalance favouring Owens’ character (the driver) and the squick that it gave me. Once they get further into fucking this scene is real hot and they both look like they are having a fun time. I would love to see these two performers work together again in a way where they can work their chemistry in a different scenario that I might feel more in to.


Jules + Lucian:

This urban rooftop scene has one of the most enjoyable soundscapes of the scenes in this collection. It sounds like they filmed early in the morning and there are birds singing behind their sex noises. It was a little bit strange the ways that transitions between activities seemed to happen in this scene with little to no verbal or explicit non-verbal cues, most peculiar was the making out –> boot licking without any conversation. Again, this is a big deal for me, I get turned on by consent conversations, so the lack of dialogue left me feeling more unsure and less turned on. The boot licking was hot, and was followed by lots more hot action between these to two performers. Jules appeared to be having a really good time through out the scene and Lucian seemed to sort of go in and out of being excited about what was happening. Their bodies were super hot and they really knew how to pleasure each other. The scene had all manner of urban charm, fucking on the edge of a rooftop ledge was exceptionally hot for me. The visual busy-ness of some of the graffiti decorated surfaces were a bit distracting, but luckily these guys held my attention with the ways they got each other off.

I want to extend gratitude again to James and all the performers for actively working to create erotic images and videos that reflect the lives, bodies, desires and sexualities of folks on the ftm/transmasculine spectrum. Thanks for giving me a chance to check out this film, I will definitely refer folks to FTM Fucker Volume 1, and the website, when they are looking for this type of content.

Watch FTM Fucker Volume 1 or scenes from FTM Fucker.

November 22, 2014


straight review of queer straight porn bed party pinklabel feminist porn

by Path Lassky

As a straight male in my early thirties I would not have thought that I’d find myself in the market for queer porn. Thankfully, Pink and White Productions, a local adult film production company directed by Shine Louise Houston that lovingly crafts ethical porn with a DIY feel, decided to meet me halfway. The first videos I had seen from this outfit were part of the now-legendary CrashPad Series, and though amazing, were often not something that I found I needed in my diet of porn consumption. Historically I’ve had a painfully average standard-straight guy porn diet, but when I heard that the Bay’s premier queer porn house had done a guy/girl scene almost as an experiment, I was intrigued. It seemed like an attempt to answer the question, “what happens when queer porn producers make straight porn?” You quickly discover that the differences between straight and queer porn have less to do with the gender configurations of the actors involved, and more to do with the philosophies that the creators have on sexuality and human bodies. The advantages of queer porn and the utter failures of straight porn were made extremely clear when I watched BED PARTY, a recent short film starring Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys available on the website.

I’ve never been convinced that porn is toxic. Like most things in the adult world, it can be dangerous, but it’s all in how you use it. So, with that understanding, I’d like to say that straight porn, that which is made to be used and consumed mostly by straight men, emphasizes disposability. Not just of the women, but of the all-but-anonymous men involved in the scenes. It is designed to arouse the lowest common denominator parts of a man’s brain, and to this end it is extremely effective. It doesn’t tell stories, it doesn’t deal with emotions, it addresses no real intimate dynamic between two human beings. I hardly blame porn for any of the missing or twisted parts of my young straightboy mind, and I see straight porn as mostly just a reflection of the world we live in, with all the troubling parts included. I’m never going to call straight porn the problem, but watching Bed Party, I’m ready to say that queer porn is the solution.


It’s the communication that immediately strikes you when you watch queer porn. The easy comfort, the absence of pressure, the fearless self-exposure the actors bring to their scenes, and the way they just talk to each other, like the way that real people talk when they have real sex. I’ve certainly never watched porn before that began with a female narrator’s voice asking “so, describe your sexual identity?” It kind of makes me wonder what would happen if that was a rule in straight porn, you have to ask one meaningful question about a person’s sexual identity. The actors are young, attractive, and they would seem at home in straight porn. The 20-minute scene was also edited down from a longer session of not only interviews, but playful sex. Like most good, real sex, there is a bit of nervousness at the beginning, but getting past that is half the fun for a lot of people in touch with their own sexuality. By the time sex starts the audience feels like we know a few intimate and important things about the people we’re about to watch. A couple sincere ‘I love yous’ have been exchanged and, magically, both people onscreen smile. At each other, at the interviewers, and at us, the audience. It’s nice to be included.

Brilliantly disruptive, BED PARTY immediately does away with one of the worst notions to ever burrow its way into the mind of an adolescent male; the idea that sex ends when the man cums. Instead, in this world, the man cums, and only then do things really get started. This is a lesson a lot of women would love to get through to a lot of straight men. Things proceed from there and reach a level of intimacy and intensity that I wasn’t totally expecting. My first thought when it was clear that the guy/girl scene was going to go immediately from kissing (sweet, expressive kissing that sets the mood like porn foreplay) to anal penetration of the male actor, I thought “okay, that might be a bit much for some straights. They’re going to lose a few people right there.” But, upon further consideration, I realized that for every straightboy viewer they lose, there’s at least one straightboy who just found something he’s been looking for forever. Pink and White is looking for an audience that’s been waiting for them, and they’re finding that audience. It’s clear from the high percentage of random queers I meet who know everything about the CrashPad Series and who can talk for hours about the intersections of feminism and porn. Something new is happening and Pink and White Productions is right at the forefront of it.

I also appreciated that the audio is dramatically different than straight porn (or straight sex which all too often seems to happen with one or both partners proceeding in dead silence). The sound adds another dimension to this video. The grunts and groans are real, and the sound of toys punctuates the soundtrack providing familiar cues to those who know what to listen for. The voices of the actors add even more to the sensual experience of the video as they add comments about how things smell, taste, and feel. It’s nice to be able to hear the heavy breathing and the quiet whispers without the whole thing being drowned out by generic, unsatisfying music. Even the musical cues that serve as bookends to the scene work well and provide smooth transitions into and out of the world of this Bay Area apartment that we were invited into for a few magical moments.




This whole experience of watching these two people make love is unlike the sex I grew up watching in mainstream, straight porn. It’s not really comparable at all. For one thing, I feel like going any deeper into what happens in this video would require spoiler alerts. It really would be best just to watch for yourself, which I highly recommend. not only produces its material ethically, it distributes their proceeds ethically, so you can feel like you’re truly contributing to something special when you become the audience of one of their films.

They sought to ask what would happen if queer pornographers made guy/girl porn, and the answer they got was something that pushes boundaries, explores sexuality, and offers some clarity to real human sex. I feel like they’re not redefining porn, so much as defining it in the first place, pulling porn out of the murky depths it’s been in for so long. Why do we watch strangers have sex? How can watching this sex teach us about ourselves as individuals and as couples? What happens when we throw out all the cookie cutters that mainstream porn relies on to tell us how to look, how to act in bed, and how to view out bodies? What happens when we become unafraid to kiss each other and use our words to communicate what we really want? Finally, it asks an important, self-reflective question; who is queer porn for?

Queer porn is for people who are unafraid, people who are ready for things to be different. It’s for those of us who think communication makes sex so much sweeter. Queer porn is porn for humans. It’s made by humans and its purpose is to use eroticism to highlight our shared humanity. It’s art in its highest form, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you spend some time with it.

Watch BED PARTY: Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys

Path Lassky is a poet, emcee, and native of San Francisco’s Castro district. Find him @LordPath.

July 18, 2014

QUEER PORN REVIEWS: Heavenly Spire’s Masculine Beauty

Heavenly Spire Masculine Beauty and Men in Porn Male Sexuality

Hank reviews Heavenly Spire, a project by Shine Louise Houston which focuses on masculine beauty and sexuality, and how it manifests on different bodies, in a unique cinematic style.

The short review: I totally dig it.

The long review:

Who am I?
My name is Hank and I am a sex educator. I work in the Midwest, in a land of many lakes and many queers. I have been a sex educator for three years. In my job I meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. Aside from educating the masses about what lube to use with what dildo, I review and purchase porn for my place of business.

I am a cis gendered masculine male. Being in my mid twenties, I feel weird referring to myself as a man, and I don’t like boy. I prefer “dude” but I’m quickly identifying with “man” more and more. I identify my sex life as “open” as I am open to try most things.

Why is this important?
Being a sex educator, adult retail buyer and all around sex nerd, I find myself watching a fair bit of porn. Because I watch a fair amount of high quality porn, I find that the porn that I consume for personal use has evolved over time. Gone are the days of consuming free trial videos and “free” Internet porn. Titles such as Tight Places: A Drop of Color and various CrashPad videos all left me feeling empowered to have amazing sex. If the tube sites are the fast food of porn, then queer sex positive porn is the organic bistro that makes that amazing quinoa salad and bake fresh croissants. Something about the real, honest sexuality is infectious and leaves the consumer feeling good. These titles were/are amazing however, they sometimes left me feeling a little left out. This is why I was excited to see that Heavenly Spire exists.

Masculinity is one of those subjects in which we as a culture find ourselves tripping over ourselves. What is masculine, and what does masculinity mean in this modern age? To answer that, I would need multiple books and would still be wrong. The thing about Heavenly Spire that piqued my interest was the use of the term “masculine beauty”. This language is sexy and fucks with the patriarchal construct of masculinity enough to make me say “Oh Fuck Yeah.”

What I Thought:
This is the masculine focused porn that I want to see. I left these films and shorts feeling as I did with the other queer porn I discussed earlier. I felt empowered in my sexuality and identity. There were a number of scenes I had felt as though I was being accurately represented.

Just as many may not find that the “traditional” porn star is an accurate avatar for their sexuality (maybe to their enjoyment) I find that many masculine porn performers do not reflect my sexuality or me as a human. This is fine to an extent, but I find that I am more emotionally invested in porn that I can connect with. I connect with Heavenly Spire and its take on sexuality.

Things I loved:
I loved the interviews with the performers before the scene. This humanizes the performer and strengthens my connection with them. Often I felt as though I knew this person in real life. These interviews came off as genuine and insightful. During second viewings, I found myself looking for aspects of the scenes that may have been shaped by these interviews. I also loved how these conversations modeled communication between performers and the audience.
I also really liked the bodies that were showcased in these films. Masculinity is complex and this is seen in Heavenly Spire’s videos. All different types of bodies are on display in their own sexy way. Not every performer is a big muscled guy and not everyone is a skinny and trim guy. We see variance and that is important.

Another genius touch is the use of facial emotion as a focal point. It is well known that there are numerous universal emotions that register on the face (Ekman 1972). Heavenly Spire plays with these facial indicators of emotions in a true and genuine way. Often a scene may focus on genitals for a few moments, and then cut to a shot of a performer’s face. The emotion of the moment translates to the viewer in a way that feels real, and engaging.

Some Things I Would Change:
So I love the film cuts from genital to facial emotion. However, there were a few times where this cutting felt awkward or a beat too fast or a beat too slow. This might be more reflective of me than the product itself.

A main frustration that I faced was with sound. There are some videos where the sound was not in synchronization with the film itself. Though this is not in most of the product, there was a spot or two where it was clear. Another frustration was with some of the music. Indie filming is indie filming, and scoring a scene can cost a lot, but some of the music did not translate well. The score is mainly instrumental piano. In most scenes I did not notice it, but in some piano felt out of place and awkward.

Final Verdict:
If someone is considering purchasing films from Heavenly Spire, I would enthusiastically support their decision to check it out. This is trailblazing porn that addresses an audience that may be overlooked. As I stated before, masculinity is a tricky subject to address. This is especially true in an industry that caters to a specific image of masculinity. Heavenly Spire offers an open discussion about masculinity in an erotic light. If you want to see beauty in the masculine form, Heavenly Spire is for you.

May 30, 2014

QUEER PORN REVIEWS: Fumbling Towards Humanity – How “Trans Grrrls” Helped Me Open Up to My Partner

Trans Grrrls Porn Review

Fumbling Towards Humanity: How Trans Grrrls Helped Me Open Up to My Partner
by Amy Dentata

I was single by choice for years before I felt the dating itch again. I took to OKcupid and, on the rare occasion someone actually responded, met up with a stranger. Without fail, we would realize we lacked chemistry, and never see each other again. After each dating failure, I felt a mixture of sadness and relief. A failed date meant I didn’t have to worry about physical intimacy. It meant I didn’t have to worry about taking my clothes off in front of another person. It meant I didn’t have to face the chance of, at best, another Teachable Moment regarding transphobia, or at worst, mortal danger.

I lose no matter what. Giving cis partners the Trans 101 talk is exhausting. When dating other trans people, I still feel gross because of my body. I’m pre-op and very uncomfortable about my genitalia. It’s hard for me to get off even just masturbating. I have to cover myself in blankets and touch myself just right so my anatomy feels like it’s configured the right way. Sometimes I’m ok using my current equipment, but even then it feels weird. It’s just weird in a way I can enjoy.

At least when masturbation does work, I know exactly what buttons to push. I know just the right way to jiggle the door handle, the right twist to turn on the faucet. Teaching that to someone else takes time. It requires a partner who is willing to listen, and who can handle freakouts when my body upsets me. The stars have to align just right to find a partner like that. Dating is a crap shoot for anybody, but for me the odds are stacked even higher.

The stars did align recently, though. I’m seeing someone new, a wonderful cis girl I will call Kate. (Disclosure: Even though I exclude identifying information, I asked her permission before writing this article, as it includes personal details of our sexytimes.) In Kate I found a partner who not only thinks I’m sexy, but understands my body issues, and is willing to learn all the quirks involved in getting me off.

Our first physical exploration involved cuddling. Cuddling is amazing with her. It usually takes a long time for me to warm up, but with her I get turned on almost immediately. Once I try to move beyond cuddling, however, I freeze. My first time with her, I was reluctant to take off my clothes. I was scared of rejection and felt mortified about my body. I also felt alone. Profoundly alone, in a way that’s hard to describe.

Cisgender people have representation everywhere in the media. Images of them dating, making out, and getting dirty are on TV, movies, books, commercials, billboards, just about everywhere. Mainstream representation of women like me, on the other hand, is rare and usually follows a predictable script: cis man unwittingly goes out with trans woman, cis man finds out she’s trans (always in the form of a joke at the woman’s expense), cis man vomits and/or kills her.

There is no romance for trans women in the media unless the plot involves a tragic ending. We are either a punchline or a Very Special Episode of Blossom. We can’t just fall in love, get in normal fights, have hot makeup sex, or any other romantic activity cis people take for granted. In mainstream porn, we are made into fantasy creatures that exist only to fulfill the taboo fantasies of cisgender straight men. There aren’t widely-known cultural stories and dating norms that include trans women. We are always on the frontier, and while that can feel exhilarating, it’s also alienating.

The first time Kate and I had sex, I was too nervous to orgasm. It wasn’t for lack of support, either. She was a caring, listening lover. She eagerly learned the ways I like being touched, and what to avoid so I don’t get dysphoric. Our second time together, as I reached the same impassable plateau, I asked her to stop and lay there crying. Dysphoria and anti-trans baggage won out. I felt disgusting. She wished she could do something to help. We sat on the bed and chatted for awhile. To pass the time, I showed her my strap-on harness and my porn DVDs. Trans Grrrls in particular caught her eye. As the night ended she reassured me, “You don’t have to apologize.” For anything: for my body issues, for crying, for feeling insecure.


Kate and I fell head-first into the infatuation phase of our relationship. The next day during work, she told me over Facebook that she was reading through my blog, because she just couldn’t get enough of me. That scared me, because I’ve written a lot about my dating frustrations as a trans woman, and the ways cis people have hurt me. Would she get offended by me talking about cis people in a negative light? Would she think I’m too angry? I was convinced she would find a reason somewhere in my blog to hate me. But she still made plans for our next date. This time, I was sleeping over.

At her place we cuddled and immediately got turned on, like our previous times together. It was our third time together in the sheets, and my anxiety levels were increasing with each encounter. Surely, that night my transness would ruin everything. I was too broken and strange for anyone to love.

“You wanted to watch one of my DVDs, right?” I asked. I’d brought several, but out came Trans Grrrls, the subject on the tip of both our tongues. We lay together, bodies wrapped around each other, and watched the opening scene with Chelsea Poe and Maxine Holloway.

“That place looks familiar,” she said.

“They filmed the opening part at the Dyke March last year.” We both lamented having missed the march.

“It’s so hot that they’re actually doing it right there in public,” she said. I agreed, mostly by moaning, because at that point her hands were traveling all over me.

Then the scene cut to an apartment, and Chelsea and Maxine tore off each other’s clothes. There on the screen was someone like me, having sex with someone like Kate. They were both happy, enthusiastic, and into each other. No “surprise reveal”, no horrified reaction shots, no cis gaze ruminating on how a trans partner might affect a cis person’s feelings about their sexual orientation. Just two women fucking.

It made me feel human. And naked, even though my clothes were already off. A layer of psychic armor hardened by slurs, stereotypes, and violence melted off my body. It felt like the universe said to me, “We have a place for you. You belong here.”

I said to Kate, “In a little bit you’re going to find out something I love about Maxine.” Maxine laughs when she comes, and it is so adorable. Kate agreed. Sometime after the second scene of the film, I had an amazing orgasm, all thanks to Kate. The isolation I felt during our previous encounters washed away. That orgasm was a revelation, a moment of healing, and I laughed like Maxine through the intense torrent of emotions. That was the first time I’ve ever laughed while coming instead of crying.


I regret to say I had a hard time paying attention to the rest of the film. By the end of the night I was completely exhausted, in the best way possible. I didn’t think the evening would end with me lying in bed with her, catching my breath, but there we were.

“I read in your blog that cis women scare you,” she said. Oh no. The exact words in my blog were, “Cis women scare the shit out of me.” Their bodies make me feel inferior, masculine, fake. Their mere presence can feel like it’s erasing my identity.

“Yeah,” I said, hiding my face in her boobs like I’d suddenly forgotten object permanence.

“Does that mean I scare you too?”

“Sometimes.” I didn’t want to say it, but I wasn’t going to lie.

She was supposed to get offended. Supposed to say, “We’re not ALL like that, you know!” Supposed to dismiss my problems as whiny hypersensitivity, like countless people before her. Instead, she cooed and petted my hair. She said hopefully she can be less scary. She kept holding me. She wouldn’t let go, and I didn’t want her to. I belonged there.

Amy Dentata is a writer, game designer, and performer who touches on topics including trauma recovery, mental illness, sexuality, futurism, and transgender issues. You can find her work at

Watch Trans Grrrls on

April 21, 2014

PORNOSCOPE: Year of the Horse-Review of New Indie Porn Releases Winter 2014 Pornoscope

The year of the horse is characterized with a hard working and ambitious nature. Combined with a Wood year, we are offered an added degree of stamina as well as luck to help keep up with our best laid plans.


heavenly-spire-essex-george-blowjobWhile on the topic of horses and wood, power house Shine Louise Houston’s Heavenly Spire has just release it’s latest in well hung endeavors. George and Essex provides us with an answer to what do you feed a hungry man. Nothing satisfies that big bearded craving like a nice meaty dick. But let us not forget a deliciously tender side of kissing and mutual masturbation.  All puns aside, for those of you unfamiliar with Heavenly Spire’s free floating avant garde camerawork that provides close cropped intimacy and lingering  glances , it’s worth checking out if masculine beauty and sexuality are your cups of tea.


poc-minax3-6Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Pink and White Productions has released it’s extensive collection of sexual diaries from some very familiar faces. The project was originally conceived in 2009 to help fosters up and coming filmmakers through a micro-production model. Equipped with a small budget, camera, and guidelines, individuals are enabled to produce their own four-part series. You may recognized people such as James Darling, Tina Horn, Cyd , and Minax from Crash Pad Series some of whom went on to produce their own sites after their Point of Contact experiences. Stylistically gritty and direct, often these handheld cameras capture a P.O.V. perspective other times there is an observational cinema quality to the work. If you are a fan of first times and sex interviews, there is an abundance of cherry popping action and in depth dialog about what makes people tick sexually speaking.



chloe-2Creativity and energy abound with new comer LightSouthern’ Australian Bush Adventures. Creative director Michelle Flynn captures the fresh face beauties of down under. Unencumbered and wild, these women’s hands run free across their sun kissed flesh in hot solo pleasure sessions. If you like your ladies and landscapes on the natural side and want to go on your own solo adventure, check out LightSouthern. Michelle’s work is highlighted with playful conversation and beautifully clear sounds of pleasure.



Doing It AgainLike a prize-winning race horse fresh out of the gate, Trans activist and director Tobi Hill-Meyer is on a roll with her much anticipated, much loved sequel to her directorial debut Doing It Ourselves: Trans Woman Porn Project with DOING IT AGAIN. The first volume released in the three-part sequel is devoted to trans women and their trans partners. Future volumes for this year’s winners circle include trans women and cisgender partners, and trans and genderqueers. Tobi’s best in show, and she reigns supreme.


dearjiz-2Ms. Naughty is back again with more award winning works. Selected by the Porn Film Festival Berlin, Queerotic Film Festival Australia, and Cinekink in New York. Dear Jiz features queer porn icon Jiz Lee sharing some of the many fan letters they have received including stories of how Jiz has helped others to explore and accept their gender identities and sexuality. Featuring another queer porn superstar, Fist of the Spider Woman is an erotic ghost story solo scene written and starring Courtney Trouble. It is shot in a classic noir movie style with a sultry voiceover that is sure to get you hard as wood. Both films are well polished and offer a refreshing new prospective on contemporary pornography.

February 22, 2014

PORN REVIEWS: They’re a Heavenly Spire, More Than the Length of Their Dicks

Heavenly Spire Gay Feminist Porn

Review by Sloane

I was recently granted access to Shine’s new project, Heavenly Spire. I have to be honest here: I’m a boy who loves femme ladies. Everything about them. So I didn’t exactly hurry to check out this new website, which focuses on masculine beauty in all it’s forms. And boy, did I kick myself for it later.

It comes as no surprise that the models on Heavenly Spire are as varied as they are in any of Shine’s work. There is a sampling many different representations of masculinity and I like that! I love that it isn’t made up of just jerk off videos. Each sexy video has an interview preceding it, which is surprisingly in-depth and personal considering the length. Men in smut films are often treated as nameless and faceless, only as good as the length of their dicks. I have worked extensively in adult retail and was surprised to realize that this had never really dawned on me before. What’s different about Heavenly Spire? Shine treats these guys like humans. They are represented as sexy beings who are a far cry from the faceless hard-ons in much of “mainstream” porn.

Shine’s handling of these men is almost delicate, yet that treatment in no way detracts from the user being able to embrace the beautiful masculine aesthetic. The videos are produced beautifully.

A few favorite scenes:

James Darling
James Darling is impossibly adorable and sexy, effortlessly blending a sort of innocence with a smattering of kink.


Vid Tuesday
Vid Tuesday’s scene was another front runner simply because it was so beautiful, as is Vid himself.


Mickey Mod
Lastly, Mickey Mod is fast becoming one of my favorite cisgender male actors. He just has such a commanding presence, and those eyes get me every time! He just seems so wrapped up in every single scene, and this one is no exception.

To wrap it up, Heavenly Spire is awesome. While I find myself wanting to BE those guys more than do  them, I still throughly enjoyed the site and hope to entice my girlfriend with it sometime in the not-so-distant future.

BROWSE Heavenly Spire

September 23, 2013

QUEER VANGUARDS REVIEW: Crash Pad Series Volume 5

Crash Pad Series, Volume 5: The Revolving Door
Review by Domina Doll

Crash Pad Series, Volume 5: The Revolving Door is the kinkiest of the Crash Pad Series so far and features lots of plays of dominance, submissive power struggles, switching and hardcore sex. The cast consists of hot gender-fucking freaks, femmes-dykes, alt-queers, bois, butches, trans-men and even a surprise ending between Crash Pad crush Shawn (Syd Blakovich) and a cisgendered man. With five scenes, various top/bottom scenarios, diverse body-types and looks, there is plenty of hot queer kinky porn for everyone.

Scene 1- August and Stacy Staxxx

August & Stacey Staxxx

Its August’s birthday and Stacy Staxxx throws her a hot party, with herself as the gift. Stacy is a stacked, hot, alt-nymphet and August is a cute alt-dyke, both with nice tats. Stacy begins by dripping birthday candle wax on August, and then ties her wrists to the bed. Stacy then fucks herself on August’s faux cock. The pair switch positions and August takes control, binding Stacy wrists, and then fingering her. They end with August fucking Stacy doggie-style until she whimpers and moans in orgasm. Sexy!

Scene 2- Rex and Scarlett Chaos

Rex and Scarlett Chaos (aka Essin’ Em) meet up for some femme/dyke action. Scarlett is bodacious and a Rex is very cute boi-dyke. They make a good pair together and the scene has a lot of playful chemistry. We start out with some spanking and some very passionate necking, and then Scarlett gets naughty and struggles a bit for dominance. She’s what I call a SAM (smart-assed Masochist), who likes to be a saucy bottom. But, Rex won’t have any of that and cuffs her to the bed post. Rex uses a pinwheel on her, and then starts to finger her. Scarlett pleads, “Please fuck me,” which Rex does hardcore and gives her a screaming orgasm that breaks the sound barrier. Scarlett reciprocates by giving Rex’s strap-on dick a wicked blowjob (something she does quite well). Rex fucks her until she screams again, making for a hot, playful scene!

Scene 3- Red and Cyd

Cyd  & Red Jackhammer

Red’s a hot alt-femme-boi with killer tits and tats, and Cyd’s a playful transguy. Cyd is the obvious bottom but likes a good struggle. It doesn’t take long for Red to put him in his place though as she slaps his face, makes him suck cock, degrades him and calls him pain-slut and faggot. There’s some chest punching, ass spanking, bondage, gagging, and all around rough play. However, the scene remains pretty playful. Red ass fingers Cyd, and then fucks him. Later Cyd eats Red out and fingers her until she comes. Then Cyd gets fingered and bites his hand as he orgasms. Great chemistry!

Scene 4- Kuma and Julie Warren

Kuma and Julie appear to be a couple, or at least frequent play partners. Kuma is a bald, bearded trans leather daddy with lots of tattoos including a cool back piece. Julie is a voluptuous bottom and Daddy’s good little girl. Kuma’s quite a loving sadist and amazingly skilled at percussion. He wields two-fisted floggers on Julie’s back then her breasts. Then it’s on to the nasty canes that leave nice red stripes on Julie’s thighs. Julie then gets to suck Kumo’s cock for being “such a good girl” and is later fucked and fisted, until she asks permission to come. Yes sir, thank you sir!

Scene 5- Shawn and Mickey Mod

For many films I don’t like to read about them, or even read the covers before I watch them, as it takes away some of the freshness and element of surprise. Well, I was surprised when I saw this obvious cisgender guy sitting waiting on a bed for someone to arrive. And, who walks in? Crash Pad boi-crush Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich). I’m floored and wonder how this is going to play out. Mickey immediately takes the bottom role and starts sucking Shawn’s cock. So, I think maybe this scene has a chance. Then Mickey fingers Shawn while she sucks his bio-dick, and they make-out all sweaty and hot, and finally Shawn squirts in Mickey’s face as he comes. Pretty feverish scene, and like Shawn says during the credits “if someone’s attractive, they’re attractive, and gender isn’t something you see with your eyes anyway.” So while I was surprised to see Shawn with a guy, the scene works and is definitely hot.

There wasn’t one scene in the film that didn’t interest or excite me in some way. I loved all the kinky exploration and playful S/m. All the scenes had a nice build-up of momentum and chemistry between the players. I especially loved the diverse array of bodies and shifting genders. I hope Houston keeps adding more queer kink, interesting characters and maybe adds in an orgy scene at the Crash Pad someday soon.


May 5, 2013

QUEER VANGUARDS REVIEW: Crash Pad Series Volume 4

Crash Pad Series Volume 4
By Domina Doll

If you’ve read my other reviews of Pink and White films and the Crash Pad Series, you will know that I love/lust these films. Each film is different and offers something unique and diverse, which to me is what independent porn is all about. Sure, if you have a great formula (and Pink & White does) serve it up again and again, but it is always cool to try something a bit different too and throw that into the mix.

What’s different about Volume 4? Well, there’s a lot more Top/bottom D/s play in this film, more so that the others, which is super fucking hot. I love girls/bois/femmes/dykes getting it on hardcore and real, but I especially love it when a bit of domination is thrown in for good measure. It creates a whole new dynamic in the sex, which for me makes it sizzle. And, look forward to some new faces as well!

Here’s the Scene-by-Scene Play

Scene 1- Brooklyn Flaco and Carson.

Carson & Brooklyn

Okay. I loved Carson in Real Lesbian Life by Madison Young, and she is really hot here too. Both Carson and Brooklyn boyishly femme, although Carson much more so. Brooklyn has amazing tattoos including a wicked back piece. Both are slender built, although Carson much more curvy. I loved Brooklyn’s cute superhero undies too. The sex, well was a bit, subdued. I like a lot of enthusiasm in a sex scene that is auditory, ie: moans, fuck-me-harder, screaming, what-have-you, as long as it is real. This scene was pretty quiet, so I couldn’t get into it as much as I would have liked. The sex is pretty ordinary as well, just hands and fisting, no oral or toys, so I would have liked to see a bit more diverse play between them. Not a bad scene, just didn’t sizzle.

Scene 2- Jiz Lee and Dallas.

Jiz Lee is always amazing and such a pro. I love Dallas too, and she was really hot with Syd Blakovich in Champion. Both are boyish, slender, gender-bending dykes. I guess Dallas was having a hard time being topped in this scene and was feeling the pressure to orgasm, so switched it around and topped Jiz. This is totally cool, because for me the dynamics seem to fit better. The two wrestle around a lot, but Dallas takes the lead and fists Jiz to a squirting orgasm which is one of Jiz’s amazing talents. Pretty hot scene overall.

Scene 3- Sadie Lune and Tricksie Treat.

Sadie Lune & tricksie Treat

Sadie and Tricksie are new to the Crash Pad. Sadie plays the Top and Tricksie the bottom. The scene starts a bit awkward as they “role play” with Tricksie playing the bottom who doesn’t want to be punished. Lots of talk going on in the scene, but it takes a while to heat up. About mid-way, they forget the “play” and the sex becomes more real, so it does get pretty good by the end. Tricksie rides Sadie’s cock, straddling her hips and gives herself a huge orgasm with the help of a Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator. The orgasm is pretty powerful and very real. I like the end where Sadie brings Tricksie back down to earth by kind-of grounding her, then a great after-care cuddle session. Not bad for a first time porn scene together.

Scene 4- Dylan Ryan & Trucker Cash

Dylan Ryan & trucker

Scene 5- Ex and Muscle Beach

Saving the best for last! This is the scene on the cover of Volume 4 and is really fucking amazing. It is so different than anything I’ve seen so far: so fun and natural. Ex is a nasty femme Daddy bitch Top. However, as nasty as they gets, they are totally playful, fun and laughing the whole way. Their enthusiasm and pleasure is contagious. Muscle Beach — okay, super drool factor here. A boi with a Daddy fetish and love for nasty pain mixed pleasure. MB is late and needs to be punished. They think of a couple sorry excuses before coming clean and telling the truth. Although they are long-time lovers, their play comes across as spontaneous and unscripted. Ex is very savvy as a Top and experienced, with a hell of a confident vibrato. MB is submissive, but also a bit bratty, so definitely deserving of their whacks. Features excellent rope-play, spanking, pounding, nipple torture, humiliation, outstanding scene dynamics and is so fun and playful, it will leave you laughing. It will also surprise you as well. This is their first scene together in a porn film and I really hope they do more. Fantastic scene!

Okay. So that’s the scoop on Crash Pad Series Volume 4. New faces (and hot bodies) with a mix of some D/s. Lots of fun and something for everyone. One of the best in the series so far.

April 21, 2013


Wild Search
Review by Domina Doll

“Wild Search” (2006) is director Shine Louise Houston’s third film for Pink and White Productions. Winner of “Best Trans Sex Scene” at the 2007 Feminist Porn Awards, “Wild Search”–like Houston’s previous films Crash Pads Series Vol. 1 and Superfreak — features hot lesbian/queer sex by femmes, bois, dykes, and (this time) trans multi-gender queers. Houston is known for mixing authentic queer sex within a humorous parody framework and “Wild Search” certainly delivers. Houston describes the film as a “pomo-homo-docu-mockumentary,” a statement that mocks filmmaking and documentaries by challenging the preconceived notions of what is “real”. The film stages itself as a documentary filming another documentary crew who are in search of the “truth” about “real lesbian sex” meanwhile questioning lesbian stereotypes and the [ph]allacies of hetero-male produced porn.

The Plot


The main character, Georgia Mann is a documentary filmmaker who wants to learn about the “otherness” of real lesbians and their sexual habits versus her own heterosexual behaviors. To accomplish this, she uses devious tactics by “unconsensually” filming real lesbians having sex “in their natural habitat” by her clandestine crew, who, because of their black T-shirts, fade into the woodwork. It is a humorous concept, in that the lesbians being filmed seem unaware that not only one, but two film crews are right in their face with cameras, but are oblivious to the whole trick. At one point, Mann uses a lesbian decoy (a mannequin) in an attempt to lure the real lesbians out of hiding, like “fresh meat bait” often used to entice wild lions in documentary wildlife films.

The Sex

True to Houston’s other “real dyke” films, there is lots of hot, authentic sex scenes with a few cast members that fans of Pink and White Productions have grown to know and love including Jiz Lee (as Beau Flex), Courtney Trouble, Rozen DeBowe and Dylan Ryan. New to Pink and White are trans queer poly lovers Wil Thrustwell and Papi Coxxx who share an awesome threesome with Jiz Lee and then finish the film with their own amazing sex scene. The women in this film challenge stereotypes by performing raw hard fucking fisting strap-on sex scenes that are wet and sweaty and not the fake, fluffy lezbo-sex we are used to in mainstream porn.

The three-way scene between Jiz Lee, Wil Thrustwell and Papi Coxxx is of special note in which the performers create a human fuck-train using strap-ons with Jiz as the engine, Papi in the middle and Wil as caboose—an amazing feat of fucking dynamics. Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee have lots of chemistry in their scene and use a Hitachi Magic Wand between them as they hump to orgasm. Dylan Ryan’s scenes are always explosive as she is so multi-orgasmic and together with Rozen DeRowe the sex is hot, hot, hot!


In “Wild Search” Houston once again questions the “notions of sexual identity” through gender-bending fuckery in the production of her enlightening and entertaining “sex positive films”. Great film in all aspects!


April 14, 2013


Crash Pad Series, Volume 2: Unlocked
By Domina Doll

“Crash Pad Series, Volume 2: Unlocked” returns to the secret apartment that started it all, and this time unlocks the door to new clandestine encounters between queer gender-bending dykes for some hot fucking, pussy banging action.

It includes scenes with performers from other Pink and White Productions: real-life lovers Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich with a new playmate Micah; Johnny (Crash Pad 1) with Sweet Tea; and Jake (Superfreak) with newcomer Wilder. Jake is just as hot as in Superfreak and this scene with Wilder will rock your jock-straps as these bois bang each other, call each other faggots and masturbate their silicone cocks. Johnny and Sweet Tea are two femmes who get it on with some fairly authentic fisting and strap-on play. Jiz and Syd never get to reach their usual height of sizzling action with Micah, who submits silently to their whim.

Vai & Dallas vol2-

The highlights of this film are the scenes between Dallas and Vai, and Michelle Aston and Julie. Vai is a cute pixyish dyke who goes to study at the crash pad. She has an excellent solo sex scene, and then Dallas enters and gets her squirting fountains of come. Their sex is playful, giggling, fun and super wet. Study sex at its best.

Julie & Michelle Best Trans MTF Scene

Alt-porn star Michelle Aston—recognizable in her Mohawk and half-body tattoo—is the bomb in her scene with submissive Julie. She makes poor Julie squirm with ecstasy as she works her over in some of the hottest rough lesbian action ever to grace the screen. At least my TV screen that is. I love how Michelle talks dirty and dominates Julie all scene while Julie can only moan, come and beg her not to stop.

It’s hard to compete with Crash Pad Vol. 1 for authentic performances, raw intensity and the chemistry between the players. However, Unlocked continues to push the boundaries and exceed expectations by featuring some wicked hardcore, real lesbian action that is sure to make you cream your jeans. Get in while the door is unlocked, as they are sure to through away the key.


April 7, 2013


Review by Domina Doll

“Superfreak” is Shine Louise Houston’s award-winning film in which she cameos as the spirit of a horny Rick James who possesses the revelers at an all-girl party who go wild with sexual abandon and get their freak on. Superfreak features all the raw fuckery and authentic performances of Pink and White’s other films (Crash Pad Series), while adding an extra dash of spunk and trashy humor that makes for a sexy psychedelic sexcapade.

Scene 1: Solo Scene with Madison Young

Madison Young is a bondage porn star with her own production company Madison Bound. She is not your typical blonde silicone-enhanced porn bombshell. Her breasts are small, but real, and she has a little-girl sassy brat attitude going on in this film. Madison is lying on her couch when the spirit of Rick James possesses her and she starts to masturbate with her Hitachi, a large glass dildo and some hemp rope which she chews on like a security blanket. Madison closes her eyes and the camera crew seems to disappear as gets her mojo running and she works herself into a solo-sex-frenzy. Ultimately, she brings herself to orgasm multiple times—from half-way through the scene until the end—in what appears to be a super-heroine act of endurance.

Madison Young

Scene 2: Madison Young and Dylan Ryan

After Madison finishes her orgasmic performance she remembers there’s a hot all-girl party she wants to crash, in her insatiable quest for orgasms and sex. She enters the party—a halo of light around her, hair blowing—in a deliberate parody of cheesy romance/ girly porn flicks. All the girls turn and look and Jiz Lee (Vasa) says… Madison grabs Dylan (Crash Pad, Vol1)—a boi dyke dressed in a tie, shirt and trousers—pushes her up against the wall and starts to make out. The sex is playful and enthusiastic as the two neck, Madison sucks silicone cock, and then fucks herself upon Dylan’s lap, all while femmes and dykes dance around them. Madison plays the femme, yet she is quite aggressive in the scene and rocks Dylan’s cock off.

Scene 3: Vasa (Jiz Lee) and Shawn (Syd Blakovich)
Jiz & Syd Superfreak
If you have ever seen this real life couple get it on then you know what I mean when I say, “Holy fucking wow!” I love this scene. Jiz (Vasa) can’t get into the washroom due to hot bathroom sex going on, so goes to pee in the kitchen sink. As she finishes up, in walks Shawn with the spirit of Rick James grooving her libido. Jiz gender-bends as a sassy femme rocker chic with a blue wig, while Shawn is butch and buff. Part way during the scene, Jiz throws off their wig in a sudden gender twist and begins spraying Shawn with the water hose. The scene is both playful and intense as Shawn squirts Jiz’ pussy and devours them. The scene increases with a vehemence to raunchy abandon as Shawn fists Jiz with a unique two fisting technique. This part is amazing to watch and Shawn is the reigning fisting champion.

Scene 4: Rozen and Guy Handful

Rozen is a sexy little vixen with a skunk Mohawk and Guy Handful is her suave real life butch lover. Their scene takes place in the bathroom, explaining the hold-up. Rozen is wickedly sexy with her full breasts and tiny boy hips as Guy throws her on the floor then works her over with mouth and hands. Rozen gives Guy great head and ride her strap-on hard, reverse cowgirl-style until she comes. Lots of sizzling chemistry in this scene that makes it bathroom sex at its best.

Scene 5: Dana DeArmond, Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna

This is the scene that won “Hottest Dyke Sex Scene” at the FPA. The party is winding down and Dana and Donna ( are sitting on the couch bored, talking about splitting the scene, when along comes Lorelei, a blonde little femme all pretty in pink. “Did I miss the party?” she asks, when Dana clears the coffee table with one swoosh of her arm and throw Lorelei on the table, “No, it’s just getting started.” And, does it ever get started. Dana and Donna—the double doming duo—fondle, fuck, and fist Lorelei until she thinks she’s died and gone to dyke heaven. Finally, they DP Lorelei with their fists until she can barely take no more. By the end, she is exhausted wearing that far- away glazed look in her eyes that only a good fucking can give. Amazing scene with bonafide femme on femme on femme action. What a climatic way to end the film.

Superfreak also has a bonus disk with behind-the-scenes interviews which are excellent as the women all talk about why they enjoyed making the film. The director’s interview with Shine and director’s commentary is interesting as well. The entire film is a romping fuckfest spectacle than never loses momentum. Superfreak is a crazy intense film full of hardcore explicit sex with sexy dykes. Amusing, entertaining and super-hot.


March 31, 2013

QUEER VANGUARDS REVIEW: “Crash Pad Series, Volume 1”

Crash Pad Series, Volume 1

Review by Domina Doll

In 2005, director Shine Louise Houston quit her day job selling dildos and made her virgin debut into lesbian porn with Crash Pad from Pink and White Productions. According to SFGate columnist Violet Blue, Shine “had a hard time recommending good lesbian porn when she worked at Good Vibes — because there wasn’t much of it.”

Shine Louise Houston is back with Crash Pad Series, Volume 1 (2007), winner of the 2008 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Film. Volume 1, which follows the same premise as the original film, includes performances by the hottest gender/queer dyke porn stars in the alt porn industry: Jiz Lee and Shawn aka (Syd Blakovich).

The Crash Pad Series revolves around a loosely structured narrative. There is a secret apartment in San Francisco where grrls and bois meet for clandestine encounters to get it on– that is– those fortunate enough who hold the key. What follows is a series of vignettes between five queer couples who share authentic moments of passion together fucking, sucking, fisting, and juicy pussy banging for our voyeuristic pleasure, and their own. However, we are not the only spectators. Director Shine cameos as the behind-the-scenes proprietor of this seedy crash pad who observes the lesbian fuckfest from hidden cameras placed around the pad. Some of the couples are real life sex partners and their chemistry and inhibitions make for sizzling sex scenes of outrageously raw fuckery. Don’t get too close to your screen or you could get drenched.

Episode 1: Dylan Ryan & Trucker Cash

Dylan plays a femme in pigtails and Trucker is a “Rebel without a cause” handsome butch. They are real life lovers and their scene is fast and furious after a short warm up. Trucker tops Dylan, eating pussy and fisting her hard as Dylan moans frantically. Trucker forces Dylan to suck her strap-on cock teasing, “Now?” while compelling her to beg to be fucked. Their performance moves from playful flirting to hardcore fisting until Dylan convulses in orgasm again and again. Trucker displays skills as a cunninglingus expert while Dylan’s vocalizations make for a sexy and passionate scene.

Episode 2: Johnny Love & Trouble Royale (Courtney Trouble)

Trouble is a disco rock queen and Johnny an androgynous bio who take turns fisting each other. Although Trouble seems enthusiastic, this scene never really takes off for me and lacks the same chemistry and sizzle that the other performers in the film share. Some of the camera angles are a bit awkward and Johnny’s performance does not come across on screen.

Episode 3: Skye & Stacy Staxxx

Skye and Stacy are two hot femme rebel rocker grrls. Their scene starts very playful with tickling and spanking, but soon looses momentum with too many starts and stops in the sex play. The scene stops rather abruptly and I’m not sure who got off, which is too bad as it had potential.

Episode 4: Princess Donna & Jake
Princess Donna—porn star and director for—is a voluptuous femme and Jake is a cute butch top well versed in the art of making girls squirm with orgasm. Both like to play rough and the action takes off right from the start. The scene begins as Jake leads a blindfolded Donna into the kitchen and rubs ice over her body, her pussy, and then commands her eat it. Jake pushes Donna over to a counter and cuts off her panties with a knife. The scene features excellent pussy eating, finger fucking, fisting, spanking and playful to hard rough sex, which never looses intensity until the final climax. This scene more than makes up for the previous two and the chemistry is super hot between the performers, escalating in a screaming orgasm for Donna. You’ll have a hard time getting through this scene with out getting wet and seriously turned on. This scene is my new fav masturbation material and if Jake and Donna every want a three-way, I’m so there!

Episode 5: Jiz Lee & Shawn (Syd Blakovich)
Syd Blakovich & Jiz Lee Arm Wrestle
Real life lovers Jiz Lee and Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich) are two playful bois whose intimacy onscreen really comes across as authentic. The scene starts off playfully with Jiz jumping on the bed, then an arm wrestle that Jiz wins by kissing Shawn so she’ll let down her guard. Shawn is the aggressor of the two who sucks and fists Jiz with expert fisting techniques including two hands at once. The intensity in their eyes tell it all as their passion for each other ignites the screen, and Jiz says “Kiss me” as they come. Jiz then returns the favor as Shawn silently screams, grunts and gushes towards ecstasy.

Crash Pad Series, Volume 1 includes trailers, director’s interview and commentary as well as outtakes which I really enjoyed. The production quality and editing are seamless, which are a testament to Shine’s background and skill in filmmaking. Authentic performances by real dykes makes this film a must see for women who want real girl-boi porn by dykes who like to fuck hard and fast. Crash Pad is the new queer hot spot where all the girls will want to hang-out—but only if they can find the key.


March 24, 2013

FEMINIST GAZE REVIEW: “Dr. Annie Sprinkle’s Female-To-Male: A Transsexual Love Story”

Dr. Annie Sprinkle’s Female-To-Male: A Transsexual Love Story

Review by Domina Doll

I *heart* Annie Sprinkle. I have been a big fan of Annie since my university days when I first discovered her in one of my feminist art classes. I admired her unorthodox performance art that embraced her feminine sexuality as something beautiful, whose purpose was also to educate such as her infamous Public Cervix Announcement, where she got up on stage, spread her legs and invited “the audience to view her cervix with the aid of a speculum and a flashlight.”

Annie has starred in and directed many films in her 26 year career, and what-ever she does, she does in her own unique, radical way.

Dr. Annie Sprinkle’s Female-To-Male: A Transsexual Love Story” is no different. Part documentary, part biography, part journal, part love story, “A Transsexual Love Story” is unlike any film you have ever seen and defies classification. It features Annie and her lover Les Nicols (Linda) a FTM transsexual who now lives as a “surgically-made hermaphrodite” through a series of several sexual reassignment surgeries.

Annie Sprinkle & Les Nichols

Les identifies as a male and has since childhood. The film shows his evolution from a radical lesbian female butch “man-hater” (his words) to a man who is much more forgiving of his “gender”, due to his understanding after transformation. Why would someone who doesn’t like men want to become one, you may wonder? Les explains in the film that he has always seen being a man as a place of privilege in society, and since becoming a man has noticed the change in his social status and the respect that he receives. Briefly, the film touches on his abusive childhood, which is another indication of why he chose his current body. But, mainly, it appears that male was what Les truly felt he was inside, and he could no longer identify with his former female self.

The film also touches a bit on the struggles that Les had to overcome during his transformation. At one point during their lovemaking, Annie breaks down in tears because of the hurt she feels that he must have gone through—that many transsexuals have to go through—to be whom they feel they really are. The scars that cover Les’ body are visual witnesses to this pain, and you begin to realize how strong and determined
Les must have been to make the changes he did. Still, above all, Les appears incredibly positive and happy about his life now, and reassures Annie by comforting her. His total attitude during the interviews is very upbeat—he always has a twinkle in his eye and a big smile on his face. It is easy to see why Annie fell in love with him in the first place.

Les' Cock with Annie Sprinkle FTM transsexual

The film also explains Les’ transformation in medical terms, including the creation of his prosthetic cock, which is pretty amazing. There is an intimate scene, showing Annie and Les making love for the first time with his new penis which Les first uses by inserting a rod to stiffen it, then later his own thumb. This is interesting, as a few years back I was fortunate enough to meet Patrick Califia (one of my favorite sex writers), who is a FTM transsexual who joked about using his cock in the same way, with his thumb. I suspect that both Les and Patrick had the same genital reconstructive surgery, although the film
explains a few other methods as well.

What I really loved best about this film, is the human aspect by which Annie portrays their story, which is sweet and wonderful to watch. And, Les is totally cool in his biker duds, James Dean hair, and tattooed body. You can’t help but fall in love with him just a little bit too. My only critique about the film is that it is only thirty minutes in length, and I would have liked to see more interviews with Les, and a more in-depth biography of his life. But, the film is about Les and Annie and their love, and is more of an artistic celebration of love, rather than a stale documentary with just talking heads. I’d recommend this film to anyone who loves Annie Sprinkle, to anyone intrigued about FTM transformation, and to those who want to watch a real-life love story that is both intimate and poignant to watch!


March 17, 2013

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