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Interviews with Feminist Porn Filmmakers (Video)

Feminist Porn Filmmakers

Feminist Porn Filmmakers is a new documentary by the artist Lora Hristova. The film includes interviews and non-explicit clips from participants films, and has graciously released the 28 minute on YouTube.

The film explores definitions of ‘feminist porn’, shows examples of the filmmakers work, and discusses issues around trans and queer visibility, sex education, internet piracy, and censorship. Other topics covered include; toxic masculinity, feminist interpretations of BDSM, and the positive impact of pornography for alternative and marginalized communities.

Here is the video in full, posted with permission.

Interviews span adult filmmakers and performers: Jiz Lee, Ms Naughty, Pandora Blake, Yvette Luhrs, Maria Bala, Lucie Blush, Alyx Fox & Audrey Fox of Foxhouse Films, as well as footage from PornFilmFestivalBerlin 2014 of talks by directors Shine Louise Houston (Pink and White Productions) and Petra Joy.

For more information about Lora Hristova’s work, see and follow her on Twitter at @lorahri

September 13, 2016

EROTIC ANIMATION: Love Under Will of the Hags of Long Tooth (Video)

Animated Erotic Short film Love Under Will of the Hags of Long Tooth

Animation allows short films to extend beyond the possibilities and boundaries of human sexuality.

Love Under Will of the Hags of Long Tooth is a rotoscope revelation of the inner beast and its most carnal cravings. At last, something to look forward to: romantic entanglements in a post-gender, post-apocalyptic cave-dwelling commune. Mother always said if you kept doing that, you’d get hairy palms, and now just look at you.

Follow artist M. O’Herlihy on Instagram: urtica_doica

August 22, 2016


Ageless Sex

While the role of the sexually active has stereotypically been created for the young, the idea that older people aren’t having — and enjoying — a healthy sex life couldn’t be further from the truth. Overtly ‘about sex’, the film is about what individual freedom means. Initially inspired by a video art installation, Ageless Sex reveals the complexities of pornography, old age and individual choices.

“Age has given me the freedom of being confident; you’re no longer governed by this desire to be ‘perfect.'” ~ Libby

Ageless Sex, by Marc Silver

Libby left an unhappy marriage at the age of sixty with only the clothes on her back and £20 in her pocket. The film is a provocative and inspiring account of finding self-confidence and happiness through a late life career in the adult entertainment industry. 

More info:

July 21, 2016

Jennifer Lyon Bell on Bridging the Porn Film Gap

Feminist adult filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films discusses her approach to producing porn, in wanting to bridge the gap between how Hollywood films portray sex and the world of commercial pornography by creating something in the middle that reflects her own experience of sex. The interview includes a behind the scenes peek on the set of her film Matinée.

Watch Matinée on and see more from her studio, Blue Artichoke Films.

August 9, 2015

Bound by Borders

In Bound by Borders, director Tobi Hill-Meyer turns the camera on herself and gives us a window into the very tender connection she and her lover Bryn have. As a bi-national couple the two have been forced into a separation and hadn’t seen each other for 6 months. They finally have an opportunity for a reunion and their passions ignite.

Bound by Boarders received “Most Dazzling Docuporn” from the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards!

From Doing it Again Volume 2: Fearless Revealing, coming soon to In the meantime, watch on Doing it Online.

April 17, 2015


Homance is a new short porn by AjaPornFilms, Maxine Holloway, Siouxsie Q. From its description:

Red lips, high heels, fast cars and fisting – this film has all the glamour, filth, and romance Siouxsie Q and Maxine Holloway have always dreamed of putting in a porno. But this film is just as subversive as it is hot. Feminism has historically been ambivalent about the validity and importance of sex work, but feminist porn places sexual labor at the center, rather than the fringes, and this film is no exception.

Enjoy a special music video of the film’s song, CD Baby. This romantic porno-pop music video showcases the magic that happens when two whores fall in love. Stigma and criminalization can make sex work incredibly isolating, so finding another person to share in the triumphs and tribulations of the work can feel like a lifeline. In the fight towards the decriminalization of sex work, showcasing sex worker stories and voices is critical, so sex workers and real-life partners Siouxsie and Maxine let viewers inside their intimate “homantic” relationship.

Homance received an honorable mention from the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards!

Full film coming soon to

April 17, 2015

Hello Titty

Hello Titty is a new short porn by Skyler Braeden Fox. From it’s description:

Dedicated to every trans guy out there who loves or has loved his tits, and to my own recently departed tits.

Tit Star Showboy is wrapping up his career as a tit flasher, and is offering one last round of private viewings in his trailer, just days before his top surgery. The queers have all come flocking to see the show, and in their anticipation, a power struggle develops over who will be the first to enter. Inside the trailer, Tit Star Showboy meets a willful guest, who drives him to depths of perversion he never dreamed of. Egged on by her highness and an unexpected intruder, Tit Star Show Boy takes his sweet trans titties for one hell of a ride, getting every ounce of enjoyment out of his man jugs before retiring them for good.

Written and Directed by Skyler Braeden Fox
Co-directed by Idan Sagiv Richter
Starring: Skyler Braeden Fox, Sadie Lune, Pol, Flo Cane and Pasta Diva

Hello Titty received an honorable mention from the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards!

This film is not available online. Like their Facebook page for festival updates.

April 17, 2015

Marriage 2.0

Marriage 2.0 won “Movie of the Year” from the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards!

In “Marriage 2.0,” beautiful Bay Area documentarian India (India Summer) wants to love unconditionally — we all do — but as she pushes the boundaries of her relationship with her long-time boyfriend (Ryan Driller), she finds that tearing down boundaries is much easier than creating new rules to live by. Lost in this new cultural landscape of the open relationship, India seeks the sage advice of luminaries such as Christopher Ryan (bestselling author of “Sex At Dawn”) and Nina Hartley (in an equally sexy, poignant, and hilarious performance as India’s mother) — but will she follow it?

Set against the vivid, natural beauty of Northern California and San Francisco – the cultural epicenter of the alternative relationship movement – “Marriage 2.0” celebrates a modern redefinition of the committed relationship as a springboard for adventure, where unfettered physical and emotional intimacy can fuel our passion while strengthening the bond with those we love.

Watch online at Gamelink.

April 17, 2015

Pulsion by Odivie

French filmmaker Odivie has won BEST DIRECTION from the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards for Pulsion.

From the description: Eva is a sex addict and an intern in a rehabilitation clinic where several patients try to control their own forbidden impulses, buried in the unconscious… One of the latest and darkest features by one of France´s most acclaimed adult filmmakers.

Watch online at Lust Cinema

April 17, 2015

Queen Bee Empire (Tee Vee Dinner)

Queen Bee Empire is the x-rated sequel to Best Slumber Party Ever, a short film by Tee Vee Dinner. Winner of the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards for Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content.

This raunchy and campy DIY film is about the sexcapades of friends Tracey, Stacey, Lacey, Kacey and Macey over 24 hours during a hot and sweaty summer. Nothing is kept secret, from pool parties, new crushes, solo j.o’s, to sexual fantasies and diary entries.

Watch on

April 17, 2015

Pachisi – by The Madame (The Keyhole Sessions)

Pachisi by The Madame (of The Keyhole Sessions), was awarded Sexiest Short at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards. Working with a macrobudget of $200 and accessible consumer-grade recording technology, The Madame shoots her videos using an iPhone. (iPornography anyone?) Her last film was No Artificial Sweeteners.

Pachisi shows what kinds of games can be played between lovers. And who comes out the winner.
Watch now!

April 17, 2015

Petra Joy’s (S)he Comes

She Comes Petra Joy

(S)he Comes is the latest erotic creation from award-winning director Petra Joy. The film features five new exciting scenes of authentic lust and sensual passion: from hot couples that fulfill each others’ every desire to an explosive male solo and a passionate threesome – (S)he Comes is an inspirational movie where women call the shots and the (multiple) orgasms flow freely. She comes, he comes, they come!

Here’s the non-explicit version of the trailer for Petra Joy’s 2014 release “(S)he Comes”. Stars Liandra Dahl, Cora Emens, Sasha Rouge, Wolf Hudson, Marco D., Surj, and Jiz Lee.

(S)he Comes has been nominated for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards.
>> Watch (S)he Comes.

January 23, 2015

Goodyn Green’s SHUTTER

Shutter Goodyn Green

Shutter is the first feature film by Berlin based photographer, Goodyn Green. It is a mosaic of short, highly charged episodes of queer sexualities – each sequence carefully staged and vibrating with erotic tension. It reflects the spirit and the freedom of the Berlin lesbian scene in 2014.

Shutter has been nominated for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards.
Starring: Challenger, Jasko Fide, Thia Wednesday, GG, Sadie Lune, Cherryosity, Paulita Pappel, Max, Lou, Salty, Kristina Marlen

January 21, 2015

MOMENTUM: Volume 1

MOMENTUM: Volume 1 The first of a 3 part series. MOMENTUM is a fictional film with real sex, encapsulating the Australian 70s surf culture.

After a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Michelle Flynn’s debut erotic film stars Lily Rei, Kenji, Kara D, Devon and Chloe B.

MOMENTUM: Volume 1 has been nominated for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards.
Watch Lightsouthern’s other work on

January 21, 2015


Art of Spanking is part of an ongoing project of crowd-sourced erotica by Erika Lust.

From Xconfessions: A big fan of erotic comics, I have waited years to buy something by Milo Manara. Finally for Christmas last year, I bought myself The Art of Spanking. Now I’m obsessed. I can’t think about sex without spanking. I can’t stop looking at derrieres in the street. It is getting me into trouble…
I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m afraid to ask women I date. As Manara says “Spanking’s gone out of style. These days it’s easier to admit a penchant for whips and leather than for a few innocent whacks!”

Art of Spanking - Erika Lust XConfessions

Starring Luke Hotrod and Carol Vega, Art of Spanking has been nominated for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards.
Watch now!

January 21, 2015

SPIT Magazine’s Alias & Knives

Alias and Knives Spit Magazine

Alias & Knives explore aspects of consensual BDSM, squirting and giggles at Oasis Aqualounge during a SPIT Magazine Play Party.

From their website: SPIT is an authentic & alternative porn collaborative, with a focus on sex positivity and pleasure. We believe in the beauty of the sexual experience and its intrinsic significance for us as human beings. We understand that sexuality can be fluid, that sexual beings come in a wide array and we hope to showcase this sensual spectrum through our view of porn as art. SPIT wants to build a community for erotically aroused minds to connect, collaborate and celebrate sex together. Our content is developed ethically with those that are eager and passionate about changing the landscape of pornography. Our aim is to produce mindful, healthy erotica, to work collaboratively with models and artists to create porn that will enhance the way you look at sex.

Alias & Knives is directed by John Bee and produced by Jesse Rae West, and has been nominated for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards.
>> Watch online at SPIT Magazine.

January 21, 2015

MASTERPORN THEATER: Syd Blakovich’s Guide to FTM Porn

MasterPorn Theater Syd Blakovich's Guide to FTM Trans Porn

Purveyors of independent, adult cinema, PinkLabel.TV presents MasterPorn Theater: Guide to FTM Porn.

Host Syd Blakovich gives you the down and dirty about some of the newest and most established FTM Studios at PinkLabel.TV. Find out the latest in hot trans man action!

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of Bonus Hole Boys, I can guarantee that you are going to want more. With feature length scenes ranging above and beyond the 30 minute mark, Bonus Hole Boys delivers a hearty helping of the hottest in FTM gay hardcore action, which happens to be their specialty! Cyd St. Vincent has done an excellent job at casting some of the biggest names and members of the gay porn industry along with devastatingly sexy trans men. Jade Phillips and Sebastian Keys are no exception to this rule, and we are given about an hour of delightfully excruciating edging. For those of you unfamiliar with edging, it is the art of the tease perfected. Whether you are into orgasm control, bondage, or some serious deep dicking, Jade’s Edge is a must see. Featuring high production values, dynamic performances, explosive chemistry, which have become some of the hallmarks of Bonus Hole Boys films.

The darling of FTM porn, James Darling that is, has received a tremendous amount of praise for his project FTM Fucker. James made his directorial debut with Pink and White Productions’ Point of Contact; a four part documentary series recording the intimate eccentricities of his sexuality. FTM Fucker has become a platform for showcasing the vast realm of trans men’s sexualities. Expect the unexpected because FTM Fucker us out to prove that gender and sexualities come in more than two flavors. If you have a proclivity for mythological creatures and rainbow gangbangs in bouncy castles, James brings it with the first ever recorded unicorn FTM gangbang. FTM Fucker captures just the right amount of camp, curiosity, and perversions to keep your mind and hands busy.

Considered the forefather of FTM porn, Buck Angel launched his own site in 2003 and for over the last decade, he’s been producing work independently that has also crossed into the mainstream. He’s worked with some of porn’s high profile talent in high budget, plot driven, feature length films. Buck’s latest project takes on a different direction, focusing on educational albeit explicitly sexy one-on-one interviews with trans men. In Sexing the Transman XXX, we get an up close and personal look at the solo sexualities of select trans men. Buck uses a direct, point of view method that is intimate and sleazy. The last scene in this hour and 45 minute film provides us with what we’ve all been waiting for as our interviewer himself jumps right into the scene with Fallen. We are talking some heavy duty penetration with not one but two very large dildos!

San Francisco has long held the iconic status of the land of sexual freedom. It has attracted the curious, adventurous, and just plain horny in droves. And it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in queer porn have called it their home. If you ever have fancied to find yourself transported into a gay quintessential landmark of this great city, look no further. Feminist Porn Awards and GayVN nominee, T-Wood Pictures goes deep into the steamy walls of San Francisco’s famous Eros gay bathhouse catching trans men in action. What makes T-Wood Pictures particularly unique is their commitment to FTM sexual health. Their videos give prime visibility to gloves, dams, and condom use and they offer guides to Safer Sex Tips and 1st Times Playing with Transguys on their website. It’s incredibly refreshing to see the wall-to-wall genre revised to include an emphasis on safer sex and body diversity without losing it’s definitive rawness.

July 6, 2014

DIRECTORS CHAIR: an interview with de-railed filmmaker Quinn Cassidy

de-railed collaborator Quinn Cassidy answers our spotlight interview via video. (Thanks to volunteer @vian_yo for the transcription.) Listen or read what Quinn has to say about the bike and maintenance education-inspired film, and then watch de-railed for yourself!



Hi, Pink & White. This is interview number two, so three, two…

[Quinn counts down from three on fingers.]

Hi, my name’s Quinn Cassidy. I’m a Bay Area-based sex worker, sex performer, independent pornographer, and student at a local college. I, last year, helped produce a film – an erotic short called de-railed – which is now being hosted on Pink & White: Video on Demand, which you can find at PinkLabel.TV. Pink & White has asked me a few questions about the production of the erotic short, and I’m here today to answer them. Great; let’s get started.

Question number one: how did de-railed come to be, was it a collaborative project, and how did the idea originate? Well, de-railed is a film about a master bike mechanic and a bike novice. The novice comes into the shop and learns how to align his derailleur and, in the process, befriends the bike mechanic, and they engage in – you know. Well. [laughs] The porn framework, as it goes, the narrative porn framework is lead-up lead-up lead-up, and then…they fuck, you know? [laughs] So yeah, they’re working on the bike and eventually they get a little more enthralled with one another than the bike itself, and you can imagine the rest, so check it out to see the whole story.

The reason that there’s a bike involved is because de-railed originated as a production for Bike Smut. Bike Smut is a travelling erotic film festival that focuses on the intersection of bicycles and sexuality, or “bike sexuality.” It’s the lovechild of Poppy Cox, who is a sex worker who travels the world – I don’t know if she’s necessarily based out of anywhere – and her partner and dear friend Reverend Phil. They’ve been working on this project for quite some time, and Poppy came to me looking for me to produce a boy-on-boy action scene for Bike Smut. When she came to me, I was a little apprehensive because of where I was at in terms of school – finals were coming up, there was a lot of stress on my plate – but it was something that I really wanted to do, and I decided to take it on. Poppy and I met up at one of my favorite brunch places in Oakland, and we started hashing out the ideas: what we wanted it to look like, what the concept was. She basically convinced me to take on this project, and I was really happy to do so.

We hashed out the idea of the mechanic and the novice from experiences that I’d had in the Bay Area myself. Being a cyclist and a bike mechanic novice myself, I had gone to a number of Bay Area bicycle resources. Here in Oakland we have the Bikery, Spokeland, a number of other places, and of course there’s countless bike co-ops and shops and workshops, et cetera, in San Francisco. Here in the Bay, we’re very privileged with a lot of different kinds of bike resources, which I was happy and excited to take advantage of. Having gone into these places, I would fall under the tutelage of bike mechanics that I often found very sexy [laughs] because there’s nothing sexier to me than competency [laughs]. Sometimes it was a little bit difficult for me to focus on the task at hand in terms of fixing the bike itself because the mechanics were so damn sexy [laughs]. So this is sort of the departure point, if you will, for the creation of de-railed.

So we hashed out the concept, and by the time we left that restaurant, we had some dates locked down, and the next couple weeks I met with – thanks to the magic of social media, found – Creamy Coconut, who wanted to help develop the project and produce the project.

Creamy Coconut is a Bay Area-based independent pornographer as well, and she came to my house and we developed a framework where Creamy brought a sort of educational aspect of the film, where – yes, we were going to have this aspect of teacher/student, but in line with that, in addition to that, we were going to incorporate the audience into a teacher/student relationship as well, where we actually have succinct direction on how to fix a bike derailleur.

Creamy Coconut’s trademark is surreal education, so definitely while everyone seemed turned-on, they’re learning a thing or two about how to fix their bike – so we were really excited to incorporate that into the creation and the concept of the piece.



In the next couple weeks, I wrote a script, I got a shot list together, found a location thanks to connections through Poppy Cox and Creamy Coconut. We found a warehouse, an art warehouse in Oakland called Flava Pack. We met up at Flava Pack the night before, set-up the set, got everything ready, and then the next day had everyone show up on set and busted it out in less than four hours. It was a really good experience.

In terms of collaboration, it was a collaborative project from the get-go. The impetus for the project was sparked by Poppy Cox, who wanted to see more boy-boy action in her film festival. She came to me, she lit the fuse, and then I was able to incorporate Creamy Coconut into the production. Creamy, as I said, brought an educative approach and also a pansexual approach in incorporating Poppy into some of the sex scene and, through that, making the sex seem really casual, really fluid, familiar, comfortable. And then, of course, through production and particularly through post-production, Creamy really took a lot of the reins, and between her and I, we were able to create something beautiful.

One thing I love about producing media is that it’s always a collaborative effort. You could never create a film just as a director, you could never create a film just as a DP or director of photography, you could never just create a film as a set producer, scene designer, or talent. It’s always a collaborative project from concept to execution to post to distribution and promotion. It takes a team. It was absolutely a collaborative project from the beginning, even from the impetus, of the desire of it to be created through Poppy’s request. So I’m glad she came to me that May in 2013, and here we are, a little over a year later.

Let’s see… How did we cast for the film, philosophies behind casting and performing. How we cast for the film – originally, we had an actual bike mechanic casted as the bike mechanic [laughs], and that’s Jessie Sparkles, who’s a friend of mine out of Seattle, Washington. He’s a sex worker, BDSM practitioner… [Quinn pauses and reaches for touchpad.] Oh, my goodness. [Quinn rises from seat and exits frame, then returns and with a wireless keyboard.] Sorry about that. The screen went blank, so let’s start over.

How we casted for the film – well, originally we had an actual, experienced bike mechanic casted as the bike mechanic. Jessie Sparkles, who is a sex worker out of Seattle, Washington, and a dear friend of mine, originally was supposed to play the master bike mechanic. He was coming down, we had it all set up, but unfortunately his travel plans fell through. But also, fortunately for us, having lost our bike mechanic, we looked for other performers who could fill the position. I tapped the Bay Area sex worker resources that I have and found Sebastian Keys.

Sebastian is a queer man, lives in San Francisco, is a prolific performer, has done a lot of work with, he’s now a director for – so he jumped on the project last-minute and was really excited about it, and we were really excited to have him because he’s just such a talented performer.

Between him and Joey Utah – Joey Utah was on-board from the beginning. He was actually at the brunch that I had with Poppy where we were actually conceptualizing the idea. He’s a friend of mine, a personal friend of mine and was doing a lot of performance for productions I was doing at the time. Between him and Sebastian Keys, when it came to casting, it’s really important for me to have mutual interest/attraction between the performers. We sent photos of each performer to one another, and they were down, they were on-board, they were really excited to perform together. From there, we locked in casting, and less than a week later, everybody was on set and ready to go.

In terms of performing or directing for de-railed obviously there was minute directing when it came to the lead-up to the sex scene, because there were lines, there was a shot list, there was a concept, there were motivations, characters, et cetera. From there, we needed the performers to take on the motivation of those characters. When it came to the sex scene itself, I incorporated – or utilized, rather – a performance style that is very common in the queer porn community, and that’s sort of a hands-off approach. The reason being that, while you can give a performer a character to step into with the motivation and a personality and lines, et cetera, a step-by-step approach, and they are able to develop or transform their concept of that character through their performance – when it comes to sexuality, I don’t really feel like the director has a place to dictate how a performer’s able to perform their sexuality because the director can’t have a concept or develop a concept of what the performer’s sexuality should be.

When it came to the actual sex scene, we did what I always do on set, which is have the performers take five or ten and have a conversation about their turn-ons, turn-offs, what they wanna do in the scene, how they wanna fuck, what they’re feeling in that moment, how they wanna come, if they wanna come – all of these things that really they have agency around and the director does not.

As a director, I had agency around what kind of shots we needed, I had agency around what the characters were like prior to the sex scene, but when it came to the sex scene, really the ones who are doing the directing in terms of the performance are the performers. In terms of practical directing during the sex scene, obviously the director and the camera people, the DPs, have agency in terms of, like, “Okay, can you guys turn this way in order to get this light source on you,” or “maybe move this hand so we can get the view of the lens into this particular position,” but in terms of the acts that the performers are doing, it’s really up to them, their agency and their consent.

From there, we had spectacular things born out of that performer-induced sex scene – or performer-directed sex scene, rather – such as the kicking of the bicycle pedal when the wheel starts spinning when Joey Utah’s being fucked, and his leg goes up on a bicycle and he starts kicking, and the wheel starts spinning with the same momentum he’s getting fucked with. That was totally improv; that just happened on set. And that’s the beautiful thing about not directing a sex scene, is letting the beautiful things from chaos spawn out of the moment, things that people couldn’t even imagine or dream up. These are things that the performers feel naturally in the moment or get an idea of in the moment.

Also, Joey Utah has Tourette’s Syndrome in real life, and that was something that of course we didn’t want to hide because that is a really authentic or real part of his sexuality on a daily basis. Tourette’s is in line with adrenaline levels, so when he’s having sex his adrenaline spikes and it dives and it does all these crazy things like it does in all of us, but through Joey that comes out through tics. So when you’re hearing him say “no, no, no, yeah, yeah” [laughs] or when he’s snapping and his hand flies off, these are visceral sparks of energy that are authentic to Joey’s sexual experience in his everyday life. These are the things that we wanted to highlight but also not fetishize or tokenize. They’re just an authentic moment of this person’s sexual experience and human condition, and they’re something that should be respected, documented, and given the space that they deserve.

That’s our philosophy that we did in terms of the sex scene, and it produced something absolutely fantastic. In my own personal opinion, I think that these moments of chaos and doing a documentary style and being able to capture these moments – even if it means a little bit more stress in terms of the person who’s shooting – is absolutely worth it in terms of the performers’ consent and experience. It tends to be less pressure for the performers, so it’s better for the performers and, honestly, in my opinion, I think it’s better for the content. I think it feels a lot more visceral, a lot more tangible for the viewer, and the things that are able to develop, like I said, out of those unpredictable moments are really astounding.

Where has de-railed screened? de-railed has screened all over the United States, thanks to Poppy Cox, Rev. Phil, and Bike Smut. They’ve gone from city to city, coast to coast, and through the heartland of America [laughs] showing this hardcore gay porn scene, and I’m so grateful for it. Creamy Coconut decided to submit de-railed to CineKink in 2013, where we won the Bring It! Award, which is the audience choice award. I was a little surprised [laughs] and very honored and very grateful to Creamy for taking that on, the submission. Now we’re so honored to have it on, Pink & White: Video on Demand, and hopefully it will continue to go other places. I think we’re going to be sending it to a couple more erotic film festivals and see where it goes.

My work – well, right now I am in the final year of my time in college [laughs], so I’m not producing a whole lot of content, though a little bit here and there. I shoot freelance work for and, so if you wanna see any of my freelancing work you can log onto those sites, check it out. I also have a short film, a kinky erotic short that I’m filming in Seattle this summer which will hopefully be accepted and debuted at HUMP! Fest 2014 this coming November, so keep an eye out for that.

My name is Quinn Cassidy: you can find me on Twitter at @xquinncassidyx; you can find me on Facebook at; you can find me on Tumblr, quinncassidyblog; and find me all over the internet fucking [laughs], which I love. Thanks for watching, and check out de-railed on Pink & White: Video on Demand, Thank you.

[Quinn pauses and types.]

All right, that should be good.

Read Creamy Coconut’s Interview, and watch de-railed on

June 28, 2014

ETHICAL PORN: How to Create a Set Environment

CrashCourse Pink and White Productions

Feminists talk about the virtues of “ethical porn,” but how does one DO it, exactly? From a production standpoint, several factors combine to ensure a sex-positive and respectful experience on set. With performers AND crew in mind, these steps help to create one of the fundamental elements of an ethical production.

Pink & White Productions founder and director Shine Louise Houston and performer/production assistant Jiz Lee detail the specifics of an ethical environment in producing porn, including: communication and consent, performer care, safer sex, boundaries, gender and language in directing, and much more.

With over eight years of award-winning production and performing experience on indie and mainstream sets, Shine and Jiz come together to show how a comfy environment can produce a knock-out porn scene that everyone can be proud of.

CRASHCOURSE: How to Create a Comfy Environment on Set by Shine Louise Houston and Jiz Lee is a free preview of CRASHCOURSE, commissioned by Smitten Kitten’s SWELLcon. Pink & White Productions’ educational program CRASHCOURSE featuring short informational videos by director Shine Louise Houston, and ongoing workshops that cover a myriad of topics, including technical information, filmmaking skills, marketing strategies, and performer advice. Guest presenters include Nina Hartley, Lyric Seal, Chris Lowrance, Jiz Lee, and more to come.

April 16, 2014

KEYHOLE SESSIONS: No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Sweeteners

Pink & White Productions is proud to add Toronto-based company Keyhole Sessions to its fair-trade video on demand hub, Directed by Sonya JF Barnett AKA The Madame, Keyhole Sessions marks its premiere with the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards’ Sexiest Short Film No Artificial Sweeteners and The Keyhole Sessions’ first Urban Peepshows: “Drips, Clicks, Squirts.”

The Keyhole Sessions recently ventured into film through the use of accessible smartphone video technologies. No Artificial Sweeteners was shot entirely on the iPhone 5. Along with Lust Cinema, Pink & White Productions will be among the first to offer video on demand distribution to the new producer via the company’s fair-trade site:

KeyHole Sessions

“I can’t express how excited I am that is distributing my work,” The Madame shares. “To be recognized early in my porn producing career with two Feminist Porn Awards, then dealing with a company I respect, for both its ethics and artists, is an honor. I have been following these artists for some time, and to now have my work alongside their’s is incredibly inspiring. I’m a firm proponent of celebrating sexuality, and Pink & White Productions certainly does that in spades.”

A two-time recipient of the Feminist Porn Awards, Keyhole Sessions states: “We want to show that adult cinema’s boundaries can be pushed not with how much a woman’s body can endure, but how much pleasure she can feel and share. Sex isn’t just about the happy ending, it’s about the whole journey.”

Watch Keyhole Sessions on

April 14, 2014

From Twitter

Meanwhile, at the Crash Pad:

#SexEdPornReviews CrashPad 230: Kitty Stryker and Jetta Rae

We've invited sexual health educators and sex bloggers to share their #SexEdPornReviews for our new queer porn episode starring (recently married!) Kitty Stryker and Jetta Rae. We […]

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