About PinkLabel.tv

Inspired by the creativity and originality of the erotic movies she saw at Berlin PornFilmFest and other festivals, Pink and White’s director/founder Shine Louise Houston created PinkLabel.tv in 2013 to provide a hosting platform for emerging and independent adult filmmakers.

Houston’s goal is to use her company’s established platform to support new producers by offering resources that help their films find a global audience, enable studios access to sexual health resources and ethical production practices, and further their filmmaking craft and career. (See more information about becoming a studio. See our FAQ or contact us if you have other inquiries.)

Emerging and independent pornographers face several obstacles in online distribution. Many may not know requirements of producing porn or consider how to create a comfortable environment for their cast and crew. (We strive to help educate and prepare new filmmakers with CrashCourses, Newsletters, and articles in our Adult Filmmaker Toolkit on our blog.) Once a film is produced, it can be next to impossible to make a website and cover credit card processor fees. Even hosting videos on clip stores and VOD sites can prove difficult as many will not accept experimental films, or require stifling exclusivity, or censor sexual activities outside what’s traditionally seen in straight porn. Even then, porn sites often rely on insensitive language in categories and context that are offensive to people of color and trans folk, and assume a narrowly straight, cisgender white male audience. PinkLabel.tv exists because we want a site that is a better fit for our films and those of other filmmakers, as well as our audiences.

Our communities comprise queer, trans, and people of color, as well as older folks and people with disabilities, so we understand first-hand that porn is broader than the stereotypical audience market.

The filmmakers on PinkLabel.tv have come to create films through their own artistic and entrepreneurial journeys. Each offer a unique perspective within an expanding landscape of erotic cinema, through films personally viewed and approved by Houston herself. Sales directly support the filmmaker, encouraging a sustainable #payforyourporn model where artists can continue creating work.

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