AGELESS SEX: Films Celebrate Sex at an Older Age

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It’s rare to see pornography featuring older performers. While the role of the sexually active has stereotypically been created for the young, the idea that older people aren’t having — and enjoying — a healthy sex life couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many outspoken seniors, including “Better Than I Ever Expected” author Joan Price, report sex in the later years as the being most satisfying!

“Age has given me the freedom of being confident; you’re no longer governed by this desire to be ‘perfect.'” ~ Libby, Ageless Sex

These films show the power and beauty of sex at an older age.

It’s My Birthday & I’ll Fly if I Want To (Morgana Muses)

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly if I Want To is an award winning short documentary on a woman’s journey to self love. Through BDSM, spiritual and philosophical discussion learn how at 50, Morgana Muses decides to give herself the ultimate birthday gift.

This is a documentary about art and sensuality and rope- the pleasure of touch and giving yourself the permission to enjoy life.

Ageless Sex (Marc Silver)

Although overtly ‘about sex’, the film is really about what individual freedom means. Initially inspired by a video art installation, the piece reveals the complexities of pornography, old age and individual choices.

Libby left an unhappy marriage at the age of sixty with only the clothes on her back and £20 in her pocket. The film is an inspiring account of finding self-confidence and happiness through a late life career in the adult entertainment industry. (More info: MarcSilver.net)

Bill & Desiree: Love is Timeless (Tony Comstock)

In Tony Comstock’s award-winning “Real People, Real Life, Real Sex” series of erotic documentaries, Bill and Desiree’s story starts in the second half of life: a chance meeting, a powerful attraction, a carnal connection, and a deep, sensual love. Through an intimate and lively interview, we hear the story of how Bill and Desiree met, and what drew them to each other. When we witness the playful intensity of their beautifully photographed lovemaking, we see that pleasure is ageless, and that love is indeed timeless!

Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless is a film about passion, about desire; a film that gives older lovers a reason to celebrate, and younger lovers something to look forward to. In this excerpt from the film, Bill and Desiree explain why they would consent to having their lovemaking documented on camera. We hope to have this title join our collection on PinkLabel.TV, but in the meantime you can watch the non-explicit version on YouTube.

Sexual Education (Bonus Hole Boys)

Gay porn company Bonus Hole Boys pairs cis and trans men together for hardcore sex scenes with a lot of role playing. In Sexual Education, college freshman James Darling is caught masturbating by his dad’s friend Allen Silver. Allen wants to have a frank conversation about healthy masturbation habits, but what is it that James fantasizes about? What starts off as an awkward moment turns into an intergenerational FTM fuck fest with dirty talking, ass eating, long blow jobs, Daddy/boy play and deep penetration.

(Watch the full film on PinkLabel.tv.)

Mommy is Coming (Cheryl Dunye)

Maggie Tapert is a goddess among sexually confident older women. The Swiss sex educator and author (her autobiography “PLEASURE: Confessions of a Sexual Woman” is a Random House Bestseller!) stars in Cheryl Dunye’s queer sex comedy Mommy is Coming. As an older woman, sex educator, and passionate person, Maggie shines in the role of a mother caught in a love-triangle with her daughter’s girlfriend. Without spoiling the plot, her orgasm also involves female ejaculation!

(Watch the full film on PinkLabel.tv — Warning: this trailer is explicit and shows a fictional, consensual role-playing scene that involves a weapon (gun), and explores other taboo topics.)

Etage X (Fancy Fabritz)

We can’t get enough of Moraga Muses!

While she has her own Permission4Pleasure channel on PinkLabel.TV, here, the Feminist Porn Heartthrob director stars in an erotic German short film and… well we’ll just let the description speak for itself. It’s a must watch for building anticipation!

An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store leads two older women to their limits and forces them to improvise by the time the elevator gets stuck.

Waiting for Godot (Sensate Films)

Breath is beautiful. It’s one of those basic indicators of aliveness, which is what we’re often testing for when we wander out to the fringes of our bodily or psychological capacities. Checking the vital signs of our adventurousness. Or our sanity. We all wait for Godot with baited breath.

What porn films have you seen that feature older performers having healthy, pleasurable sex? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published November 23, 2013. Last updated November 7th, 2018 for relevance.

Posted December 7, 2018

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