Studio Submission

Become a PinkLabel.tv Producer

Pink & White director/founder Shine Louise Houston created PinkLabel.tv in 2013 to provide a hosting platform for emerging and independent adult filmmakers. Inspired by the creativity and originality of the erotic movies she saw at Berlin PornFilmFest and other festivals, Houston’s goal is to support other producers and allow their films to find a global audience.

New pornographers face several obstacles in distributing their work online. It can be difficult to find a VOD company that will host experimental films, or present alternative sexualities with accurate and respectful categories and descriptions. Most importably, PinkLabel.tv offers in-house technical and customer support, CCBill payment processing, a competitive affiliate platform under Pink & White Affililates, hands-on advice for marketing, business, and production inquiries, casting resources and festival submission guides, and more… all of which gives emerging producers the potential to make money from their videos and build a sustainable career.

With non-exclusive distribution, PinkLabel.tv acts as both a starting point for brand new producers, as well as an alternative distribution for established, independent studios looking to add their work to a hand-curated collection of unique and landmark films in the field of alternative and female sexuality.

New PinkLabel.tv Producers

PinkLabel.tv offers a growing collection of studios from diverse independent and emerging content producers. In order to be considered and have your films reviewed for curation by Shine Louise Houston, here are our basic terms.


  • You retain full and non-exclusive distribution rights.
  • 40% of gross revenue from rental (TVOD) and percentage-based membership (SVOD), all streaming only.
  • 1 year term automatically renews annually; you can terminate agreement at any time with 90 days notice.
  • Monthly payout minimum of $100 or your balance at the end of the year.
  • We set the rental and membership price.
  • Optional affiliate program offers an 30% additional revenue.


You must have in your records 2257 proof of age paperwork filled out by your adult performers (template here) as well as photocopies of government-issued photo IDs. You should also have your models fill out model releases that allow your company to use the content featuring them in commercial work. It’s best you create or find a model release specifically geared to what you are doing and that covers you legally within the region you are shooting. You will not give this paperwork to us, but it’s a legal necessity that you have it on file.

Shine Louise Houston reviews all the work (full resolution, full-length) before being accepted. Once accepted, we will need uncompressed files of the video(s), 30-60 sec trailers per video, box cover art (360 x 480px), and 5 promotional stills/photos. We will also need a text description of each video and a list of performers’ stage names, as well as a description of your company and a company logo, preferably high resolution.

If accepted, we will send you a contract and a US tax form. If you already have a US tax ID or SSN, you will be sent a W9. If you reside outside the US and do not have a US tax ID, you will be sent a W8BEN. You will be required to provide the legal address (open during business hours and not a PO Box) of where your 2257 paperwork is kept, along with the legal name of the custodian of these records. (First name initial is allowed.) This information is required to be publicly available. You can also use a digital service, such as 2257SENTRY.COM. In addition to this, you will need to supply us with the dates in which your content was produced and confirm there is not content in your films that violates copyright law (ie. your music must be used with permission of copyright owner).

For more information or to get started, email info@pinkwhite.biz or use our contact form.