Lucie Blush

My films are the depiction of my own exploration

"I'm Lucie Blush, French femporn maker, based in Berlin. I make movies that are based on my own experiences and fantasies. My porn is a cathartic way for me to get rid of all the taboos and stereotypes that used to keep me from enjoying my sexuality freely. I've been running the blog welovegoodsex.com and the online cinema luciemakesporn.com for three years. I work with a lot of different actors and actresses, each with their own beautiful body and mind, trying to put the fun back into porn! My films are the depiction of my own exploration. I'm not a ""sexpert"", I learn as I go, I explore the corners of my sexuality, by making authentic scenes that I wish I had seen when I was younger and was trying to figure myself out. My approach is 100% personal, I hope you enjoy it! "