The Keyhole Sessions

Urban Peepshows

Sonya JF Barnett, Madame of The Keyhole Sessions Director Sonya JF Barnett founded The Keyhole Sessions to champion healthy sexual expression through various public events, celebrating the union between sex and art. From life-drawing that highlighted kinbaku and simulated sex to paparazzi-style nude photo sessions, Urban Peepshows are TKS’ latest creative outlet. Hailed as one of More Magazine’s 50 Fiercest Women, an Utne Reader Visionary, a TEDx Fellow, and a Toronto Hero, Barnett has been creating award-winning erotic shorts since 2012. Her first series, Drips Clicks Squirts, was Barnett’s debut as an iPhone pornographer, using a 3GS. She has since moved on to an iPhone 5 with Because I Want You to Watch {2013}, and her latest, No Artificial Sweeteners {2014}, both honoured with a Feminist Porn Award. Barnett creates with a clean conscience and a filthy mind.